AMD or Intel?

Hey Guys

Since there are endless options to a complete PC build I just wanted to ask the simple question.

Should I get AMD or Intel for a budget build?

If I would mainly use the PC for Photoshop (only large images from pro SLR's, no video editing) and some very basic gaming needs, without the intention to getting a GPU, what would be the best option?

Would you recommend getting the AMD A10 5800K, with a MB taking fast +2000 DDR3 RAM
or..? What would be the equivalent Intel option? 
i3 3220? isnt that a bit slow? 

And how about if we in the end would add GPU, lets say a 6670 in crossfire, compared to an i3 paired with.. what is in a similar price range? GTS450?

Of course we dont have to do this kind of budget build,but..

- anything faster than i3 will mean AMD is out of the picture?

- AMD is only an option for builds around 300USD and less?

- GPU is not needed for a budget build (no 3D/Video rendering or gaming) onboard graphics is enough for most of us?


for a budget build go for the a10 all the way. it has great integreated graphics for the price and it allows for crossfire with some of the 6000 series. although intel does make higher quality processors overall for the money AMD processors offer much better performance

AMD for you i3 are not very good. only go Intel if you are gonna get an i5, i7 or xeon :D

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