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AMD or Intel, what should you buy? What's the best deal? Q3/Q4 2017 | Level One Techs


Comment of the year folks.


do something with lots of io, check your dmesg output. Or create and destroy lots of virtual machines by script?
you’ll know if you’ve got the amd vi completion timeout issues pretty quick.

you’ll want to move to kernel 4.15 just as soon as you can too (as soon as it is even put together)


I am blown away that I was basically right in what I thought it was, assumed it was too complicated, and left it alone. Literally was “if amd, assume the lowest common denominator” – it is mind blowing it wasn’t fixed sooner given the fix is literally just copying svm params from the supported params register…


Well those are not hypotheticals its just that I went through way too many benchmarks to attach them.
You may check them out here.
And you could also get intel’s H-something mobos for about 40$.That hopefully takes care of the hypotheticals.
Gaming tests are the ones that may favor the i5 being gpu bound but what about the system tests or encoding tests?It is beating Ryzen in tests like PDF opening,Handbrake or even civ 6 AI.
So the i5 is slightly better although you could consider ryzen if you care about the long livedness of the platform but if you are spending just 40$ on the mobo how hard is buying the new one?
All in all I am liking how this debate is going.


I’m just shocked this wasn’t happening from the beginning. :confused:

In that case, I’m going to try to order a couple of units from pogolinux to see if they’ll work fine. Let’s hope the finance department doesn’t lose their shit when they see $20k of hardware purchases :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? Where? Until you can actually buy that, it is hypothetical. The stock problems on the 8000 series cpus are a PITA enough, but they’re at least purchasable if you are patient or quick on the draw.

Don’t forget about factoring in the cost of the cooler. And, again, what the small margin the i5 wins with over the Ryzen aren’t worth the headache, imho, and the slight-to-somewhat added cost. Today, right now at least in the US, you’re paying disproportionately more for slightly more performance than the r5 – performance of the type that if it is important to you, you’re better off spending slightly more on a cpu that gives you more of the type of performance difference you’re citing to say the i5 is better than the r5. So that specific i5 still loses out on being recommended.


@wendell @ryan

Wanna open up another can of worms? Now do a best of 17 of motherboards to mate to those CPUs.

Off topc: How do you get one of those Patron check marks on avatars? Please don’t say “Become a Patron”, been there done that.


That’s all I did. I presume it’s connected via email address.


That is not fair. I use a different email for all payments, also personal and play.

I doth protest!


If your email on Patreon matches here it happens automagically if not lmk and I fix


OK, call me stupid… but what is that?


Let me know what that email is so I can link it pm is fine


Yeah the 1600 (X) definitelly cpu of the year. :slight_smile:


yesterday i spoke to someone who spent £4000 on his comp and he went with i7 7700K. I loled hard. Asked why with didn’t he get Ryzen 7 or Threadripper and he said because they are shit because their clock-speed is low.




1600X should be honestly. Fantastic value and performance. Amazing price


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I use a separate email address for this because once they’ve got you, it’s hard to get rid of the emails.


Honestly if your ONLY gaming, the consumer socket i7’s are still as good as anything else… granted the 8700k would be a better bet than the 7700k still, but if you have the cooling then overclocking the snot out of i7 chip still delivers near equal high FPS game performance to the i9’s\threadripper (and better in dx11 and prior), and a little better than ryzen’s consumer socket options (although for most gamers I think the 1700\1600 on included cooler is better value at the moment).

That said £4000 is crazy for a consumer socket build as even gtx1080ti’s are only £700 each, so your not getting any value whatsoever in hardware… I hope it looks amazing with hard-line water-cooling, custom parts ect and they show it off, else they got ripped off.


He said that coffee lake wasn’t out yet at the time of buying. But who the hell buys CPUs based on their gaming benchmarks. I mean it’s stupid because the difference in framerate is so small you will not notice any difference. If you want your game to perform better by significant margin then you buy more powerful card and not cpu.

If 4 cores 8 threads are enough for any game then he could have just got Ryzen 5 1400X which is a lot cheaper then 7700K and overclock it to 4GHz. The problem is he is unconditional Intel/Nvidia fanboy so telling him the details is a waste of time.

The reason why his comp is so expensive is that he got 4K Monitor with G-sync, 2x 1TB M.2 drives, GTX1080Ti, and some overpriced razer keyboard with mouse. No watercooling.