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AMD or Intel, what should you buy? What's the best deal? Q3/Q4 2017 | Level One Techs


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Good summary.

I’d like to mention to people who are planning on buying that Black Friday/Cyber Monday is around the corner and will most likely have some good discounts on all hardware. If you’re not in a hurry, holding off to see what the sales have to offer might be a good idea.

Are you going to talk about Laptop CPUs in an upcoming video? The AMD mobile CPUs are out and preliminary results show that they’re pretty much in line with desktop performance on the CPU side and they’re pulling out even with a GTX 950M on the GPU side.


re mobile gpus, got to wait for independent reviews :wink: I agree, on paper, looks mind blowing, however.


Not sure if videocardz is any good, just found it on /r/amd, but they’ve got some benchmarks.

It’s incredibly powerful for a 15W TDP. I’m happy with my laptop at the moment, so I’m probably not running out to buy any, but if they hold up to independent reviews, my company will be trying to get some ASAP.


those appear to be the numbers from AMD’s own slide deck repackaged in videocardz format. That’s why you come to level1 though we don’t jump the gun on anything :smiley:

So glad we don’t depend on ad revenue to survive…


Yep. :smiley:

This community has to be one of the coolest side hustles I’ve ever heard of.


It sure has opened up a lot of doors working on cool projects or even just helping “the man” figure out what their marketing messages ought to be for technical products. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m doing a Ryzen 7 mated to a Noctua NH-U12S cooler w/EVGA 1080Ti FTW3 card. Plan is to game and stream iRacing. Big reason for building now is the RAM and flash prices are probably not going to go down anytime soon… this is pretty much a 4 year computer, as in… not touching it for 4 years. NOT a fan of Intel and frankly with only one motherboard available for the Z730 and higher chip cost versus Ryzen 7 I have a hard time trying to pull the trigger on it.

FYI i won’t screech while iRacing… I may start cursing when I’m drop kicked, but not a screecher. Although I’m pretty good at putting the car where you have to be pretty dumb to actually take me out.


great youtube comment:

Goober Tech
3 hours ago
There is far too much common sense in this video. Are you sure you meant to upload this to youtube?


My wife (twitch streamer) and I (systems engineer) are about to refresh our systems. We’re both on Haswell-E (5820K and 5930K respectively) at the moment, and this video was super helpful in confirming my own suspicions. Threadripper 1900X for me and 8700K for her.

Sad part is, she’s team red all the way, and you can see her mind grinding itself up when every time she realizes she’s going to be running an Intel chip for ANOTHER 2 generations. You just can’t argue with facts, sadly. Though I think I’ll probably let her play some games on my system just so she can see it with her own eyes.


TBH the R7 is equally good for streaming

GN made some good research about the 2


RIP Coffee Lake sales? That’s gonna be a fun running commentary if Intel doesn’t get production numbers up.


Yeah, I’m not sure how that will work out. If they don’t have supply sorted out (I’m starting to think this is purposeful), I doubt there will be any sales.


Hurray! Can’t wait for the big discounts on midrange video cards!


Not sure about the GPU market. It’s one of those things that I don’t really follow too closely and I’m not very focused on games anymore.

I can imagine there will be some sales, but only if the crypto market continues to decline.


I was actually being snarky… because the midrange market is F U C K E D for the next year, at least.


Should have noticed that, but as I’ve learned first hand, snark doesn’t fit through the tubes. :frowning:

Yeah, I’m only mildly infuriated by it. I had to buy a 580 at $300 at the beginning of summer. Now they’re down to $250 and I barely even use the damn thing.


I’ve actually been following it closely due to new build… was holding out hope AMD Vega wouldn’t be a shit show(it is, both in power and shitty ass capability), holding out hope for nice 580 to be reasonably priced… yeah no, so I’m going with the over the top EVGA 1080Ti FTW, sure it’ll cost a bundle(between card and monitor change) but I’m done riding the midrange game and no AIB’s anytime soon for Vega means my freesync monitor is useless.

580’s are still 300+, if you can get them fair bit cheaper you have to hunt and peck.


Yeah, I always forget to add tax. :confused:

Anyways, sorry to hear about your freesync going to waste. (for now)

I wish nvidia would just support a standard. Sometimes I want to find out who’s so anticompetitive there and punch them in the face.


The R5 1600 is a damn fine CPU and it would also be my pick for best CPU of 2017 as well. It is like the I5 2500k of this generation. It is cheap, especially if you get the baseline 1600, which comes with a really quality stock cooler. One of the best stock coolers I have ever seen (haven’t seen the one that is included with the R7). Pair it with a low cost B350 AM4 motherboard, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM with a mid-to higher range GPU, and you have yourself a relativity affordable (given the shit state of current GPU prices) and very capable PC. The best part is that A4 motherboard will have some legs, as it will still be supported within the next 3 years.

Also, Thread ripper looks fantastic. Though I do not have the capital for one.

2017 was an AMD year. Though intel still has some good offerings.