AMD or Intel Mini-ITX

I'm not trying to start a fight or anything, though the title may seem like it. No yelling at each other. 

My next build will probably be a console/HTPC replacement PC that should be able to play games right away at good settings and then easily upgradeable down the line. So I propose two different builds today.

The first is the AMD build. Athlon X4 750K Processor,  a GTX 750Ti, 8GB RAM, 450W PSU, Sugo case. You can see it by clicking or whatever. I'm thinking of either doing the case with a PSU in it, or choosing a case with a suitable PSU, and was wondering if there was a way I could fit everything comfortably inside.

This is the Intel Build. An i3 will keep the cost down which is kind of what I want, Something that'll give me as much bang for the buck as possible. i3-4130, AMD R7 260X (make it a 265 for when that comes out), 8GB RAM, 500W PSU, Cooler Master case. 

Let me know what you guys think would be optimal. The AMD build probably has more room for expansion in the graphics area, while the Intel build could get an i5 put into it when needed. 

Just curious really. Physical or Logical cores? 

I would go for the intel personaly, with an upgrade option to a i5-4670 as soon as possible. because in the long run, the i5 would last you much longer. if you ever think about upgrading to a higherend gpu also, you have definitely not worry about a cpu botleneck, with an i5.

Grtz Angel ☺