AMD or Intel for new PC (Home Studio)

Yes, you are right. The 3900X would be able to fit inside the budget in that case as well. Here is an updated list of components, no idea how expensive it would be but should be similar budget, changed items are bold:

CPU: Ryzen 9 3900x (550 €)
MoBo: MSI Tomahawk B450 Max (~120 €)
RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 3200 MHz CL16 (2x16 GBs)
Cooling: Cryorig H5 Ultimate (~50 €)
GPU: Zotac GeForce GT 710 HDMI (PCI-E x1) 1GB (~70 €)
Boot drive: NVMe Samsung 970 EVO Plus 500 GBs
Storage drive: 1 TB Crucial SSD


  • GPU is 1xPCIe single slot to allow up to PCIe 16x audio expansion cards. Brand does not matter, so took the cheapest available
  • MSI Tomahawk saves you around 100-120 €
  • GPU saves you around 80 €
  • Cooler might shave off a few euros as well, took the cheapest 140mm fan cooler I could find
  • AMD stock coolers are quite performing and nice but noisy as heck
  • The ~200 € saved allows you to buy a 3900X + decent cooler
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The boards are cheap and the lower latency, higher amount of cache, improvements in IPC and higher clocks are not dependent on chipset. That’s why.

Yeah but just don’t do that.
Because that particular board isn’t really capable of handling a 3900X properly at all.
Non of the B450 boards have a decent enough vrm implementation to handle a 3900X well.
There are of course reasons why X570 boards have had a significant vrm upgrade.
over the previous gen am4 boards right?

For a 12 core, yes. That I agree with. There still are fine X470 boards with no silly chipset fans and good VRMs out there.

Or 3800X for out of the box clockspeed, decent cooler and higher end mobo. Easy enough to drop in a better CPU later, mobo change is basically a system rebuild.

Well my point generally aside from crap vrm implementations,
is simply limitations on expendability with a B450 board.
X470 is of course a different story, if you don’t generally care much for pci-e4.0,
or you don’t particulary use ultra fast storage that could utilize it.
Then X470 is also decent option.

But B450 isn’t really a great option i think.
Only maybe for a Ryzen 3 or 5.

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I have no idea about how sensitive audio stuff might be about clockspeed, I’d think it’s more about general single thread performance. The IPC gains of third gen Ryzen are hefty. So a 9900k might not make any difference in terms of that.

Latency in audio software, again … not using that, so can’t say for sure. Still, without actual tests I wouldn’t count Ryzen out that fast.

Stability… I call BS! I’ve got … (countingonfingers) seven Ryzen systems now, plus a laptop (that thing was a pain for a while) and all of those (desktops) are running perfectly fine. My router is Ryzen, my SSD NAS is Ryzen … those are always on. No problems.

Show me one b450 with flashback and has current agesa guys.

B450 is in a terrible state. To suggest it to someone who wants to use their computer for work is a bit of a joke.


In case of thread splits;

@MisteryAngel is correct in that the 9900k is the more stable, mature and cheaper platform right now and will probably be so for another six months.

At the same time the AMD platform will be the more high performing one, but only by a margin of 10%-15%. If you need twice the amount of threads go AMD.

Has already been done.

MSI Tomahawk B450 Max?

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Seems like you already decided to go with Intel, good choice.
Built a coffee lake system myself and the stability is excellent.


ITT: AMD fanbois argue about a cpu they don’t have running on a board that doesn’t really support it.

Msi has a terrible bios right now. Many people are reporting overheating and high voltage.

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Audio production is super single core focused. Going Intel in this case makes sense.


So some 11! posts back a decision was made to go with intel and a question asked. Let’s get back to focus here.

I don’t know enough about AIOs or any current mother boards to answer them so going to highlight the question since it was completely forgotten.

There is plenty to argue about here so let’s be constructive.

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AIOs just add another potential point of failure. A noctua 120 or 140mm tower is gonna be plenty of cooling.


The bottom line is there’s only a handful of them that aren’t basically the same performance as a noctua tower air cooler. Gamers Nexus has done extensive testing here. Kracken x62 is legit.

I wouldn’t consider longevity to be a real big problem. I still have an h100i (not v2, the og) running in a Skylake system and it works great to this day.

I would avoid Corsair aios because they just aren’t that great for the money… I know because I have 3 of them.

For the motherboard. Intel is pretty mature so go with the board that has the featureset you want really. You shouldn’t have to update bios ever really.

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Mea culpa, I completely failed to see that! -_-;;

I also would go with a tower fan like the one I picked out above; noise will be lower than the AIO, temps won’t be different enough to matter (5 deg difference or so) and you probably don’t really need to squeeze every little last percent out of your poor system, the slack is there for a reason (stability). Water cooling is addictive and can get expensive fast… Even without leaks! :wink:

@MisteryAngel; I’ll happily discuss that in a new thread, would the mods be kind enough to split this one?


Agree i made a split, since i’m a mod haha :blush:

Sorry @lazzari89 for the offtopic vrm talk in your topic.
I take the blame for that.

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