Amd or intel for 70% hardcore video, 30% games

hey guys, so im wondering will the extra cores in the fx 8150 be better for me with high end video editing, than an i7 3930k?


nononono, get da 8350 or 8320 and pair with liquid cooling to oc 5.0 ghz. ~$300-400 cheaper than the 3930k, and if you look at mobos, amd tops out at ~$250 for desktops.


i7-3930k will render much faster, but you have to decide if the extra 400 bucks is worth it. Remember the i7-3770k or the 2600k are still faster than the 8350 in terms of rendering and game performance. They may cost a bit more but with the holiday season coming up look forward to massive price drops on some E-tailers.

O.o <------ Me not understanding why you keep recommending shitty AMD CPUs over Intel Core i7's.

I'd agree its much better to go for a FX8350 or FX8320 than the FX8150, that said, comparing the FX to the i7 a strange comparison. The i7 3770k is about 60% more expensive than the FX8350, and doesn't give anywhere near 60% better performance in gaming and especially not in editing.

In gaming, your gonna be restricted by graphics card, not your CPU unless you have a super high end GPU, in which case you still unlikely to drop below your monitor's default refresh rate anyways (with the exception of some notoriously poorly written single threaded games).

Heavily threaded tasks are where the FX chips excel. Processes like video editing and software rendering are very well threaded and give the FX chips an amazing price to performance advantage. Another thing to consider is that these chips in many ways are actually more future proofed than Intel quad cores when it comes to productivity, simply because these style of applications are becoming better threaded and less dependant on single core performance. 

That said, if the high price of the i7-3770k doesn't really hurt your budget and the extra $120 is really nothing to you, then you might as well go for the i7, as its supperior single threaded performance will be advantagous in other daily tasks. But if your not willing to just toss an extra $120 for those little speed ups here and there, then the FX8350/8320 way be the way to go for you.

Heres a quick benchmark to illustrate some of the differences:,3328-9.html

Is AMD 8350 a better solution for my 8150 in the long run and including.

^^ Um... What?

Just to illustrate the differences between a top of the line AMD processor and Intel's Core i7's just check out these links:

AMD FX 8350 vs Intel Core i7 3770K -

AMD FX 8350 vs Intel Core i7 3930K -

Also, check out this video:

Absolutely you could check out those benchmarks, as a matter of fact they emphasize my point even further. If you pick through those benchmarks intelligently, you'll see that a majority of those benchmarks give the FX8350 a noticable Price vs Performance advantage. The FX8350 is aproximately 65% the price of the i7 3770k but average performance is about 80%-90% of the i7-3770k, and in some cases actually out performs the much more pricey i7 chip (2nd pass video encoding to note).

To reiterate my previous point though, if price isn't a concern and you can throw any amount of money at this and you just want the absolute best performance possible, the i7 would be the better bet, but if price is a concern then you should seriously consider the advantages of the new FX chips, especially for what you will be doing. 


I would personally go with the 8350. That is if i had the money :D... But i can't wait until more overclock'd benchmarks start coming out.

My point is that even the i5 3570K is able to trade blows with the FX 8350:

Also, the FX 8350 only has about a 10-15 percent improvement over the FX 8150, and it was commonly accepted that Bulldozer was crap. Now Piledriver is out and you have AMD fanboys trying to claim that it's way better than Bulldozer when it just simply is not.

Unless you're scraping pennies together trying to build a computer, AMD isn't really worth it anymore.

And btw, the member who posted this thread never mentioned the 3770K. He asked whether he should get an 8350 or a 3930K. Clearly the 3930K is vastly superior, and if that's the question he's asking then I can only assume that he has to money to spend on a premium processor.

Well really, the FX 3850 is priced to compete with the i5s, not the i7s, and even then its still a more affordable option. The thing about the FX chips is that is it the right tool for the right job, given their is a budget in mind. Without a budget, you can pretty much always full retard and drop 1k on a CPU at will.

I'll give one thing to ya though, I did seem to completely auto-pilot over the fact he mentioned the 3930K and not the 3770K, which would definately indicate that his budget isn't tight if he is considering such a pricey chip, being nearly 3X the price of the FX chips. 

thankyou guys!! you are all the best :D