AMD or Intel CPU?

So, I'm in the midst of my build and I have the components that do not need to pick either AMD or Intel, meaning I have a sufficient PSU, a case, hard drive, ssd, etc. I'm stuck in a pickle because I'm not sure to go with an AMD Fx-8350 or wait for the Haswell series from Intel, as well as some of the new Z87 motherboards coming out eventually. I'd need opinions on what to do, as I've heard so much about both, whether from the guys or from other websites. I'm favoring towards the 8350 and the new asus sabertooth 990fx gen3 with pci express 3.0. Let me know what you think.




My friend has the Formula Z and honestly he says its not worth it.

The 8350 will meet your needs. But, with Haswell a handful of days away, I'd wait for benchmarks.

True that. Thanks berserker. Do you know when it will be released?

2nd of June. It's rumoured that we will see two new Nvidia cards in that time

Both have the positives, both have the downsides.

Is power consumption a big thing for you?

What kind of budget are you working with?

Will you be gaming? media pc? websurfing? All of the above?

When I was younger and was on a tight budget all the time, I ran AMD chips all the time (bang for the buck)

I have sense swapped to Intel and really like the products, sadly at the moment Intel i3/5/7's are just overall better, in my opinion.

Well, Haswell will be pricey, would not really wait for haswell and get a 8350

another thing- amd isn't switching up their sockets for a little while yet. unlike intel

so upgrading late, you won't have to change your mobo

Intel products enter the market at the price point of their current inventory. If you look at the price increase between Sandybridge and Ivybridge, it is a very small margin. The i5 2500k is still only £10-15 cheaper than the 3570k, here in the UK.

Power consumption is not a problem, I am working with a budget of $450 for both the motherboard and the CPU. I can possibly go over a little bit, but I would rather not. I am going to be gaming a little, maybe 5-10 hours per week, but I mostly use my computers to multitask and use it for everyday tasks. Maybe a miniscule amount of video editing in there as well. However, in the summer, I will be using the computer much more heavily with a lot more gaming and video streaming. I have a Xigmatek Dark Knight II Night Hawk and I want to overclock a my CPU a little but not too much. I will also need the corresponding motherboard for the CPU that you guys offer me, but make sure it fits in that $450 budget.

For video streaming, the additional cores in the 8350 will get used up. I'm planning on buying Haswell, but in your case I would probably recommend the AMD solution.

Would it be smart to at least wait until haswell comes out and see what it is like?

I'd say wait.  Even though the 8350 looks like the better option, it doesn't hurt to see what Intel unveils in the Haswell series.  Who knows, they could have some amazing hidden feature.  Also keep an eye on what nice new goodies the Z87 motherboards have.  Still recommend the 8350, but just wait to see what Haswell brings.

Yeah that was my original main reasoning to wait. The Z87 motherboards are so aesthetically pleasing, as well as the features that they will include, possibly also including capabilities for DDR4 RAM. That and the fact that I've heard so much already about Haswell. Unless Haswell is really worth it, I'm going with the 8350.