Amd or intel build?

What build would be best for gaming? or



Switch to an AMD FX processor and not A10. I own an A10-6800K and it bottlenecks my high grade GPU's such as an HD 7950. The i3 might bottleneck the 7850 but not too bad. I guess out of those choices I'd say go with the Intel build. You can always switch to a different/better CPU if you want unlike the A10-6800K, where that is the best of its FM2 socket.

i'm assuming you're dead set on a prodegy (as most people who want one are) so get an fm2 athlon, dual channel memory, and a powersupply that wont burst into flames if you look at it wrong

Why would you buy an APU and then have a GPU as well? Get an AMD FX 6300 instead of an A10, you're wasting money to get an intergrated GPU when you're getting a dedicated GPU on top of it.