I am going to upgrade my cpu to either the A10 black edition, or the Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition for my computer, but to get the A10 i would need to purchase a new mobo. Should i just get the 965 or is the A10 worth the extra money?

y u no make sense?!?!?

ok to answer your question what are you using for a gpu right now? what cpu are you using as of now? what mb do you have? and what fm2 mb were you looking to get? finaly what ram do you have or are going to get?

For my GPU, i have the gtx 580 matrix, right now i have an Athlon II x2 260, and i have a really basic AM3 mobo. The mobo i'm interested in is the ASRock FM2A75M-DGS Micro ATX  FM2 Motherboard. I'm also going to upgrade my RAM to 8 gb 1600 mhz. hope that helps!

What's confusing about it?

BOTH cpus you've listed are AMD.

omg, meant to put AMD or AMD, that's what i get for doing this at midnight :P

ya you should go with the Phenom II X4 965 over the a10. if you go with the Phenom II x4 you can spend more on the ram and get say 16gb and if your mb supports 125w cpu's then you could opt for the Phenom II x6

but if your going to spend almost $200 + mem you should go with something like this

the am3+ socket will still get another cpu release as will the fm2 socket but the fx cpus have alot more power.



The A10 is a little slower than the 965( and if I remember correctly, it lacks L3 cache). Also, an A10 is a little more pricey, and you also want to buy faster ram with it( which of course cost more if you don't know how to OC). So get a 965, save a little on the ram, and buy an aftermarket cooler. Then OC it to relieve potential bottlenecks with that 580

Dear Z he is using a gtx 580 the igp on the a10 will be compleatly off so the faster ram will do nothing for cpu speeds. faster ram with an a10 dose nothing with cpu preformance. it only affects gpu preformance.

and in games the 580 wont be the bottel neck it will be the cpu youtube linus 1100t vs 2500k

Oh yeah. Thanks for pointing that out.

And that's what I said. OC the the 965 to remove potential bottlenecks it may cause.