AMD Opteron 6172 a good idea?

Could a setup of two AMD Opteron 6172 be used for anything now a days? They are really cheap right now and for a budget computer you could do something cool. Just wondering what you guys think, I am pretty new and thinking about doin a build for fun with a pair of those. Thier

They seem too do surprisingly well. They might be ok for a server but could they handle any gaming?

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Probably wouldn't be too great at gaming, assuming they actually work they'd be fine for running tons of virtual machines or maybe working as a network rendering PC


Seems like Socket G34 mobos are pretty expensive, at least on eBay. With the going rates I see, it'll probably be easier dealing with conventional hardware.

Also relevant:

Amazon's prices are better for Socket G34 motherboards, even the Dual socket boards. Id rather spend 400-600 dollars on a E-ATX motherboard that I know for a fact will fit in a standard tower case. Where as that abomination that Linus and Luke put together, won't, without modifications.

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wow, I opened up the ebay page and read 12 cores. I figured they were counting two 6 core CPUs put together, but no these are 12 cores each (holy shit!) have you found a motherboard yet? If you could get ahold of a decent mobo for not too much these could power house for a few use cases. What do you want to do with these?

These CPU's would be terrible for running most modern games as the single core performance is dire. Even using all 24(!) cores together I doubt it's multi-threaded performance would be much better than an FX8350 let alone a modern Skylake i7.

Having said that, they are ridiculously cheap. If you could get hold of an ATX motherboard and RAM for peanuts then it would be worth doing if you needed a labs system to run lots of VM's.

But definitely not worth spending £500 on a new mobo :-)

for gaming, those chips will not make any sense.

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Yeah, thats what I pretty much thought as well, just looking for a second opinion. I would be testing server builds(software wise) and probably setting up a home server on it. Maybe doing some very very light gaming(I am used to doing it on a macbook air, so....) I am looking for a cheap mother board right now, ill let ya kno

Pretty sure @wendell said that as long as it's x86 CPU it will play games just fine.

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I'll elaborate further: Unless you are playing games made in 2000-2004 that were optimized to run on a CPU with very little to no GPU rendering, an old server part from that same era won't work. A server part from 2-3 years ago will be just fine for gaming. It's not about the MHz anymore It's about IPCs and a 2-3 year old Opteron has literally 5x as many IPC as an old dual/quad core CPU from days of yore at the same 2.1-2.2GHz speed. So even if you were to play games from the CPU render era, it most likely won't matter anymore if you use a server grade part that's only a few years old. Not from the same generation as the old hardware like Linus and Luke's server grade gaming rig.

Technically they are 2 6-core CPUs on a single PCB that are physically linked together to form 1 CPU. That's how the Opterons are manufactured except for the 4-core ones, those are just a single 4-core CPU die. The 6300 series with 16-cores is 2 low power 8-core vishera dies on 1 PCB.

Ok, so I found a SuperMicro H8DGU-LN4F+ for $80. What do ya think?

Just get an older trinity or richland APU rig. About the same, less hastle, and Ebay is shady as fuck.