Amd Oc motherboard


I'm looking to get a mother board to pair with an Fx-8350. What would the best mother board be for overclocking. I'm looking to get 4.8-5.0GHZ with a cooler master 240m.

Thanks in advance

gigabyte 990fxa ud5
, nuff said 

ASRock 990FX Extreme 9 12+2 power phase $159.99

gigabyte 990fxa 8+2 power phase $149.98

Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 8+2 power phase $134.99

Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z 8+2 power phase $219.99


Personal experience, go with the ASRock Extreme 9. The 12+2 really makes a difference in stability at higher clocks, especially when paired with a higher-quality PSU.

Nothing wrong with the others, aside from the Crosshair V Formula-Z being too expensive. It's got nice features and all, but it's not enough to justify the extra 60+ dollars.

I was either going to go with the extreme 9 or msi gd80 v2, which on is better?

If you what to oc get the extreme 9 check out the stats for it your self

DDR3 2450 (OC) MHz/12 + 2 Power Phase/Premium Gold Caps(gold plated caps dont realy help but thay look cool lol but thay are top quality japanese caps) x8 usb 3.0/on board Dehumidifier/ Quad SLI and Quad CrossFireX and a shit ton of bios extras 

Where are you guys buying the extreme9? I'm in the US and cannot find them anywhere


Nevermind, they wouldnt come up in newegg searches, but I was able to find them through pcpartpicker.

And thank you cooper =)

@ Nox

How do you guys think the extreme 9 will look in a phantom 410 white and blue. I want to try and stick to a blue and white color scheme.


Well the extreme 9 is black and gold 

How do you think it would look, i also am eventually going to get a custom water loop


personally i dont care for looks only performance matters to me >_>

Lol thats cool, looks like a good choice anyways

my friend rma'd two asrock extreme z68 boardswith memory slot issues, their qc is deffinetly not up to par, so be carefull

My vote lies with the extreme 9.

looks like someone was able to pull off 8.5Ghz with it.