AMD Mi100 Cooling

Hey all, I recently purchased an AMD Mi100 for testing Vs my current NVIDIA A100 in my Thinkstation. and it comes in 4 days and I’m just curious if anyone here has one and if so, how are you cooling it? I’m sure I could most likely 3d print a shroud like i am doing at the moment with my A100 to keep it cool, but just wondering if anyone else has any other ideas as this will be in my Thinkstation p920 desktop so sadly won’t have the level of airflow that most servers do.

I don’t have any better suggestion other than a fan shroud. Also interested in hearing from others.

What are your A100 temps like with your current cooling setup? Have you considered water-cooling it?

My A100 temps underload get to a toasty 75c or so In my Thinkstation p920 paired with an NVIDIA T1000 for display out, its hot but I’m not too worried about it since not noticed any thermal throttling in my tests so far, although only had the A100 for a week and so far its a nice card and preforms how id expect it too, Water-cooling would be nice but as its a card work gave me Vs something i purchased not sure I can take it apart and water-cool it. I mean I could probably do it but just don’t want to risk breaking a A100 if i can avoid it since the only Liquid Cooling experience i have is with AIOs

75c on full load is not bad. You are likely power-limited (esp. w/ 80GB ver.) more than anything.

Supermicro Workstations with Server GPUs sometimes have fans on the back pulling air through the cards:

Maybe something like that can be printed (or good old carboard engineering :wink: )

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Old Dell server fans have proprietary connectors, but the wires themselves work off of bog standard 4 pin pwm, just make sure the 12v is coming directly off the PSU off of a molex connector or it’ll blow up the port from too much power draw

For the rear you’ll want a 80 or 92mm with some pretty crazy rpms

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I think i saw someone’s think station at work look like this, i may ask the engineer people to see if i can get something similar! Since The A100 cools fine with my fan attached to it but afaik the Mi100 is more power-hungry and hot so not 100% sure it will work fine. So ill ask around and see if anything like this is doable, or if worse comes to worse im sure some zip ties + vhb tape will come in clutch.

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