AMD Mantle

I know Mantle isn't out and is suppose to help gpu performance but I was wondering if it would help cpu performance also  like maybe help utilize more cores or threads for the cpu?

I'm not the best person to tell you. In a nutshell, there's a relationship between the CPU and GPU. For every frame that is rendered by the GPU, the CPU has a little bit of processing to do.

Mantle is supposed to be a much more efficient management of our hardware. Removing the CPU overhead. So it should produce less of a bottleneck. Allowing more CPU draw calls to the GPU. Those higher draw calls might require more core utilisation. I need to read up a bit more.

It's probably going to be applicable to many hardware configurations, including competing hardware like Intel. We shall have to see how many games choose to utilise the Mantle API.

DICE better implement Mantle into Battlefield 4 tomorrow, or I'm going to bitch so much :).

Or, have they already implemented it but, it's had a minimal effect.

Sorry to disappoint you but they said they are delaying it... LOL I bet it's EA not dice's fault

Mantle will definitely allow for more threading on the CPU and more efficient usage overall. That's one of the few things we know for sure about it.

Mantle for Battlefield 4 is coming January 2014