AMD Live Stream & News

AMD Live Stream @ 10PM EST < You need to register maybe?

What's gonna go down?
Do Intel and nvidia finally loose their total dominace of the market?
Is it shill:30 time?
Will you buy AMD? I'll buy AMD.


Mobile APUs Launching TONIGHT
7th Gen FX, A12, A10 Mobile APUs
2x Top tier skylake mobile i7 igpu power

Desktop parts in q4?


RX 480 JUST $199



I'm ready for the shill buffet


its going to start in 4h. (or 6)



I love my AMD. Far more stable then your crappy intel platform. :)


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I will wait to see what will they say... I am currently looking to acquire 470...
A basic rumor from some time ago was, that the new APUs will have 270/370 equivalent integrated. So I am looking at 470 for the reason of freesync and low 120-150$ price. It will also give me nice performance bump, so what the hell...
I am extremely interested. While Intel and Nvidia are selling me 700 and 1700 $ products, I will buy amd stuff, since nobody else basically caters to me.

480 seems to be a 60fps 1440p card
basically a half price 1070?
Will we be getting a 470 today too?

I don't know, but I guess we will at some point... Just as we are going to get 1060 and 1050 from the green team... But I don't care about the green team. I am getting my freesync IPS monitor and 480 cheaper than 1070 and will have better gameplay experience in general.

Oh for fucks sake we're 3,5 hours away from seeing what the price and everything of the card is. Can we not sit here, just 3 and a half hours away from the unveil claiming its faster and cheaper and shit. We'll know for sure what the price is in so little time. It won't be much longer till independent reviews have their hands on it and we'll know everything from price to performance. Lets just chill and not get a monstrous hype train going again, last time we did that the launch was a letdown aka fury x.

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Lol Yeah I've gotten a little tired of seeing the hype train going in every other post. I'm hoping for it too be great but claiming its going to be the best thing ever, with the card being so close to being unveiled, is kind of annoying to see over and over. I'm grabbing my popcorn and all too, but lets just wait too see what they have too show before we start lighting the fireworks xD

i don't see fury x as a let down, it fits purpose - might not kill 980ti overclocked to hell... but its decent enough to put between titan x and 980ti.

I think the hype train put that card into a corner that it wouldn't come out of. AMD touting the card as the Titan and 980 Ti killer only to have it be only competitive just, meh. Plus the initial coil whine and pump noise issues, it just wasn't as smooth of sailing as the hype train said it was going to be. Still a good card, but not the Titan X Killer it was made out to be.

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It is not a hype train, dude..
It's a fact, that Gsync and freesync give smooth gameplay experience, people say smoother and better than higher framerate. And the Freesync monitor I am looking at is 120$. 480 needs to be 300$ to be cheaper than 1070... And my goal is not even 480. It's the Lower tear - 470... So at the end I will spend less money than many people and have smooth gameplay. This is why I love amd. They make this possible for me. If I were Intel/Nvidia buyer, I would have dual core with 750Ti and be unable to play the games I play with my 760k 270X... That was my point. AMD allows things like this. Intel and Nvidia does not.
As for Fury X - it have some weird utilization issues. DX12 async compute is basically fully utilizing the gpu and we see how the performance increases massively. Nvidia's cards are fully utilized, and this is why they are faster in DX11 and gain nothing in DX12...

first, amd was touting it as 980 killer, and maybe possibly titan x. Rest was just hype made from people, and fake benchmarks. (fury x is beating titan x that is not overclocked, at stock in most games)

and maybe in next 2 years it will be the 980ti killer.

It already is in 4k...

I agree with a lot of your points.

Free-Sync is better because its Free, duh.

Intel's low end options are shit.

I think its kind of a moop point as of right now. Pascal does ASync really well, but Maxwell did not. The thing with Maxwell and Async is that, well, there are basically no DX12 games out now and weren't when Maxwell was the goto. Who cares if Fury X is better in DX12, if most all games are still DX11 where 980 Ti kicked its ass most of the time.

This is the one thing that AMD themselves wants to get rid of. As of right now, AMD rules the low end. But, AMD doesn't want to be the budget option anymore.

I wouldn't cling to AMD as being the low end king forever, as they said it themselves, it won't be their main focus going forward. They need to win in the higher tiers to gain market share with enthusiasts.

When DX12 is the standard and DX11 fades out, it probably will be. But that hasn't helped the card win when its relevant.

There was also JayzTwoCents noting that the 4gb of V-Ram was limiting the card in some of his Benchmarks at 4k. Just something to keep in mind. Going forward, as games want more V-Ram, it will be interesting to see if the 4gb's becomes a problem.

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But he's gonna shit on amd 9/10 times

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