AMD just announced their alternative to Nvidia's G-Sync, FreeSync

So Nvidia's G-Sync has been known for a while now, and it seems that everybody that has seen it in action thinks that it is amazing. But, for obvious reasons, G-Sync is exclusive to Nvidia's Kepler based cards and a small amount of monitors.

So what about people who don't use Kepler cards? Well, at CES AMD just announced their alternative, FreeSync. It seems all AMD needed to do was be able to control VBLANK( not sure if the one in the link is the same) timings. For this to work " the GPU’s display engine needs to support it, as do the panel and display hardware itself." 

It seems AMD has supported VBLANK in their GPUs for a couple of generations now, including their APUs, and it also seems that Intel and Nvidia have support for Nvidia( which models exactly is something I am not sure of).

AMD doesn’t want to charge for this technology since it’s already a part of a spec that it has implemented (and shouldn’t require a hardware change to those panels that support the spec), hence the current working name 'FreeSync'."

So basically, AMD has just revealed an alternative to G-Sync, which their competitors Intel and Nvidia can freely use, and you potentially already have the hardware needed to use it.

Good guy AMD?

Oh well, looks like I was beaten to the punch in posting something like this.