AMD is dropping the prices on NAVI

The info came from you tuber, The Good Old Gamer which he got the info from Video The first info released about this, is from an anonymous party, so Can’t really say who the original source is.
Hopefully they can get the RX 5700 down to $299 and the RX 5700XT down to $349, then the RX 5700XT SE to $399.

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navi price drop
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Well yeah “a word from two sources” … means litterly nothing.
They claim that they have two sources, but don´t know the exact pricings.
Well yeah that is top journalism. :slight_smile:

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So now you can get a 5700XT with 2060S performance for the exact same price. But the 2060S has ray tracing, and while its usefulness is questionable, I’d rather have it than not. AMD should have gone down to $349.

I would rather hope that the 5700XT kinda performs better then that really.

AMD said it performs like a 2070 so that is the best case scenario, assuming AMD didn’t fudge the truth, which they have been known to do in their marketing, to say it gently. The 2060S performs like a 2070 too.

Well yeah the point is that RX Vega 56 and 64 cards have droped in price as well.
Thats why i hope for them that their new 5700XT would perform better then that.

So you think AMD undersold their product’s performance in the benchmarks they themselves released? I mean, probably not.

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Fingers crossed that the prices will actually be good this time around.

Actually, I was being too charitable towards AMD. I forgot about the 1660ti and the 5700. Both offer 2060-class rasterizing performance, but the 1660ti costs $279 and the Navi 5700 $349. Why in the world would anyone buy the 5700 at a 25% markup?

And Radeon VII becomes another casualty like the Vega Frontier Edition before it.

I expect the Radeon VII to be in the disappointment build from GN this year.

They must have cost a fortune to produce, I can’t imagine AMD made much money on R7 or intended them to sell well. But yeah, the 2070S murders it.

Vega FE was the same deal but Vega 56 and 64 were real products and their failures must have hurt.

Not necessary. AMD confirmed the report hours ago.

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Competition is nice for consumers. AMD’s Launch is on a sunday and they change the pricing on Friday / Sat :slight_smile:

Makes it hard for news sites.


Harder still for YouTubers, who have to edit their videos, not just text reviews. I’m sure everybody had their videos ready to launch once the embargo lifts.


Too bad they were forced to work as YouTubers, and review new products, and conform to the embargo dates, and accept the review sample they would be sent.


Weird flex, but OK.