AMD IGPU + DGPU ubuntu 16.10 glitch

HI everyone this is my first post on the levelonetech forums so bear with me.
I am not sure if this question would be best answered on the Ubuntu forms but I though I would try here first.
My main computer / gaming ring (at least until ryzen releases) is a FM2+ system with a A10-6800K clocked to 4.8Ghz 16gb of ram and a ATI hd 9650 dgpu. I am currently using the open source drivers that came with Ubuntu and i am constantly getting graphical glitches accost all three of my displays (two are connected to the igpu and one is connected to the dgpu) furthermore I it is extremely hard to change any of the display settings. As soon as I open the "display" control panel it freezes and needs to be forced closed. I first noticed this when I was using Linux Mint 18 and i thought it could have to do with the OS so i reinstalled to Ubuntu 16.10 annnnnd no difference. So my question follows. What could be causing this issue? Is there an fix? I also have attempted to install AMD proprietary drivers and have hit wall after wall. Is it worth installing these? I would like to do some gaming on Linux but i cant get the same FPS that I do in windows 7, i get that Linux in its current state is not as well optimized but is this the fault of the open source drivers?

Hope that was understandable, Cheers.

Im not a technical deep dive guy but if your up to reinstalling like you have been ... Try fedora 25 and let me know how it went....If you dont want to be a test subject I understand.

Not sure if AMDGPU and

play nice.

If you do run
sudo dnf upgrade

My card RX480 did not play nice on the default install but once the kernel was updated it was a champ.

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Maybe you should try to run every display from a single GPU first, if possible. With a single display are you having any issue? Crossfire is working as intended?

I've seen on the AMD site that you APU is compatible with 6xxx GPUs for Crossfire so you shouldn't be having so many issues (I guess the 9650 is a typo and you meant 6950).