AMD Hotfix for windows 7x64

Hello boys and girls.

I just build my new pc, and i builded it with an AMD FX8350 cpu.

I was a bit confusing, yeah girls allways do, but i watched many videos en benchmarks, and the video from tek setting the  amd fx8350 against the intels i5 3570k 3770k was realy cool.And that made deside me to try an amd, cause of the price diffrence for an intel setup aboud 250 euro´s (dutch)

i allways had intel..

Im not yet an heavy gamer its all new to me, but maybe i will be.

But now my main question:

Tek spoke in his clips about 2 hotfixes for the AMD  processor, and  at his youtube movie, i found the download links.

Unfortunatly i can´t find much information about those hotfixes on the internet microsoft site, they only speak about the buldozers architecture.

So my question is, are those hotfixes also ment for the new FX processors that i have in my system? the Vishera FX 8350?

And what do those hotfixes actualy do? give me better performance?

I´m totaly new in amd so i will come soon with more questions.. i hope you all don´t mind..

Grtz Kira


They should also work with Vishera since both Vishera and Bullodzer use the same basic architecture.

Basically, Vishera/Zambezi (Piledriver/Bulldozer) CPU's are comprised of modules, and each module has 2 cores. These cores share hardware resources within each module. However, Windows doesn't see any difference between these cores, and Windows assigns these workload to the cores more or less randomly, which creates sub-optimal flow. The hotfix is suppose to help Windows better assign workload to each core/module. This should explain it:

Hi thanks for the ansewr

Now i get it a little bit

thanks you very much.

grtz kira


You're very welcome. Happy I can help.

i have installed the patches, but exaly dont see much  diffrence only a bit more cpu usage wenn runing a virus scan and so.

i dont have the idea my pc runs faster on the patches. my pc runs fine.

i readed an dutch artikle about those patches, those patchen are from 2011, microsoft set them online that time for the zambezi issues,  some site benchmarked before and afther those hotfixes on a FX8150 and in some case the hotfixes where more worst, so microsoft deside that time to toke those patches offline again, cause they where not much better. in some thimes even bad.

so im  curious right now,  what shall i do install them again? or not, i saw with my virus scan  that afther the  fixes, it used much more cpu about 21 procent somethimes, and the scan took longer this thime, then before the hotfix, befor the hot fix it only uses about 10 procent cpu usage, and de scan was shorter

Well, I wouldn't use virus scanning as an accurate benchmark. Also, the original patches weren't proper, they were more like a half-assed work around.

If the PC ran fine before, then I wouldn't worry about the patches.

The best way to to avoid the issue is to actually disable 1 core of each module. This should increase single-threaded performance by 15-20% at the cost of core-count.

Here are some benchmarks. Note that modules are abbreviated "CU" (Compute Unites), so 4CU/4C is 4 modules, 4 cores, as opposed to 2CU/4C which is 2 modules 4 cores.!exclusive!-Excuse-for-1-Threaded-Perf.