AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition

What do you guys think about this new card? Looks to me like they just overclocked it and added gpu boost. IMO the gtx 680 is still a better card all around using less power and coming out on top in pretty much every benchmark. 

AMD HD 7970 GHz Edition 


Its not just clocked at a higher rate compared to the standard 7970's.  But the chip process has matured and AMD are getting much better yeilds, these chips will overclock further and be cooler.

My 7970 overclocked to 1300 anyway, but these are more guarenteeed to have a higher clock.

With the extra 1gb of Vram (which can be a huge plus now and in the future) and perfomance on par it is a very good competator to the 680

I'd probably buy this over the GTX 680 just because it has more VRAM, although they are making 4GB versions of the GTX 670 now. I don't know how the two cards compare performance and price wise though.

I have the 4 gb 670, love it. Handles everything I throw at it. 

I'm watching the interview at about 7970 ghz edition, and he said you can overclock the base clock but the boost clock will never go over 1050 mhz. At least this is what I got from what he said. 

Wont let me make a link for when he says it but fast forward to 28 mins 10 sec.