AMD has Ryzen 5600x and 5800x in stock

Just saw it today. Good chance to get msrp if they are still available. Wasnt sure where to share.

AFAIK AMD doesn’t sell to consumers directly, so it’s of little value in that sense. (no offence, of course!) And I’m pretty sure the various other parties AMD does directly interact with (resellers, system-integrators, etc) are already aware anyway :wink:

But it’s “nice” to know one can (actually) get these for inflated prices soon :roll_eyes:

They sure seem to, EDIT: but only for the U.S. as far as I have checked, Europeans have links to retailers.

I know the 6700XT they said they would for sure have some reference stock at MSRP on their own site the same day the release and partner cards go out.

The 5800x in the UK is obtainable now the main problem at the moment is the bloody video cards :frowning:

Sorry, I forgot to mention in US. As of now I believe they are sold out. I know last night when I went back to look the 5600X was sold out for $299 USD. Yeah, video cards continue to be an issue. I just hate to see people pay scalpers to build a new system, and it perpetuates the behavior. They are available here just a lot of places have inflated prices (IE 200% markup).

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