AMD GPU not using entire monitor

I just installed my brand new r9 280x and also installed the 15.4 beta drivers, but the GPU is only using 1776x1000 as the resolution, even when the resolution is changed to 1920x1080. I know that my monitor is not the problem, because booting into windows, the entire monitor is on and powered, but right before the log in screen, the display goes black, and when it turns back on, the computer seems to think that the monitor is only 1776x1000, and doesn't power on the remaining pixels. Does anyone have any ideas that might solve this problem? I have already tried using the omega 14.12 driver and had the same issue.

If you are using hdmi there is a common issue with overscan. You may see a black border around your monitor.

Set it to 0%

Although if you are getting a lower resolution this may not be the case.


Right now the slider has two options, but they aren't percentages, and the bar itself is grayed out, and I cannot adjust it.

Can you screenshot what you are getting?

Hmmm, what cable are you using?

An HDMI cable

Odd, the overscan option should be available. Are you using more than one monitor?

No, and I don't really plan to in the future.

Yea this is really odd, the 1766x1000 resolution is almost always an overscan issue. Do you get a black border or is it just stretched and blurry on your screen.

There's a black border.

Okay its because you have a customized resolution, try lowering the resolution you currently have, and see if the overscan option becomes available.

Ok so I lowered the resolution to 720x576 and it gave me the option to adjust the overscan, but the highest desktop area is still only 1680x1050, even though the monitor is reporting a maximum of 1920x1080, with a maximum refresh rate of 75Hz, even though it is only a 60Hz monitor.

It is now allowing me to use the entire screen though.

But not at 1080p?

in the catalyst contol center the desktop area doen't even reach 1920x1080

And in windows?

Allows me to change to 1920x1080 but reintroduces the problem with the black border