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[AMD GPU] I won the Cougar PC and need a GPU, should I get Vega or wait?

With one Vega 64 I render out 4K video very fast. Probably 8x faster than real time, I have never specifically watched, but that is an educated guess. A 1080p video 15 minutes long takes about a minute, on one card.

I’ve been pretty lucky on the waiting game so far! I had bought my last system back when the CAD-USD values were roughly the same.

My concern is how quickly everything can get outdated, and the minimal price variations between the old and the new, despite the better features, performance, and efficiency.

Holy crap. Here with my 4 year old R9 290 card it takes about a week to complete stabilization and other processes, and days for the rendering. And this is for 1080p video.

I actually started to use lossless HuffYUV or MagicYUV to save time in the editing process. (128GB to 260GB videos!)

Edit: timeframes

I would be surprised if you can get an aftermarket Vega 56 at that price… hell, I’ll be shocked if aftermarket Vega’s even are actually available for purchase anytime soon. Also be weary as one AIB has had their aftermarket Vega card completely fubarred by AMD’s driver/BIOS games they have been playing with Vega. This has directly led to it actually not being released… even though cards are supposedly available.

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I’m thinking at the very least, 4 months away, if not more. I’m a veteran at the waiting game at this point. This is assuming that my main rig right now survives that long.

If thats the case you can hold out hope… just be looking on the green team for something you like. I hated having to go green team with my new build because I don’t like a lot of what they do as a company(including me needing a new monitor because of it) but with Vega being the floppiest of flops, maybe the flop of the decade.

Having to use Nvidia on Linux (in my experience) has been a bit of a nightmare with apt-get dist-upgrade rendering the install borked. Plus, I don’t need the extra features of the amd proprietary drivers on Linux.

I was also disappointed with the Vega launch, but I’m still glad that they’re continuing to innovate and disrupt the market.

That is without colour corrections and such. Just load and render. 3D animation in tiff keyframes.

The animation took 2 days to render. I had overloaded the samples and allowed up to 14 light bounces to purposely increase the render time. I used it as a system stability test of new system to trust it could be left unattended. The system was also very responsive during render. This was rendered on CPU and GPUs.

When I render in Blender I do the same thing: ~3-5 light bounces when working on it, and a lot more for the final product.

I will reitterate much of the consensus here. I have worked in civil engineering my 25 year career and entirely with AutoCAD. Work station cards are not an advantage in any way. Vega 56 is your winner IF (great big IF) you can ever find one. If you find one at $450 USD then PM me right away because I want 2. I will reciprocate.


Normally I would not go higher than 5, 7 max. You really will not see a difference higher than 7.

You will love Vega for Blender. HBCC allows to expand card memory to use system memory. So if your scene goes over 8GB and you have the ram available, just add it to the card. This makes Vega very lucrative for those who need it.

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Congrats and i hate you for winning at the same time . Lol

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I think you should wait. IMO, AMD isn’t quite there yet. Waiting some more would be nice & rewarding. I think… But if you need a card now, wait for a partner card from Asus or Sapphire. (and check in-depth reviews of said card) The stock design sucks big time. Unless you want to water-cool your 56/64 you should go for a partner card. (FYI, I recommend Sapphire)

It looks like the votes are in. Once a Vega 56 is available (particularly an aftermarket one), I’ll snatch it up.

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