Amd gpu host | Nvidia gpu guest

I am trying to use an old AMD GPU while I wait on a newer one and my nicer NVIDIA GPU in the same system.

AMD GPU for the host
NVIDIA GPU to be passed through to a VM

I just cant get them to play nice, i have no bios flash screen and I cant see the bios if I enter it when using the AMD GPU, regardless of whether or not the NVIDIA GPU is present.

I can get a post with both plugged in but if I have my monitor plugged into the AMD GPU than I get no bios screen than either it will boot and have a blank screen or there is major artifacting but the login field works

If I remove the NVIDIA GPU than I can boot and log in no problem, no blank screen, no artifacting

I tried adding “amd_iommu=pt” and “iommu=pt” but that didn’t help

I am at a complete loss and since i’m working with a new motherboard (Asrock x399 taichi) I have no idea if I can select a card to be my primary display out.

AMD GPU: gigabyte radeon x1600 (old yes but its all I have right now)
NVIDIA GPU: 1060 6Gb

Update 1:
I restored bios defaults and did not enable secure boot
I now have my bios flash screen showing on startup.

I do however boot into a blank screen, if i login it works fine though so i Just have to figure out how to fix that

Update 2:
I have switched from using gdm3 to Lightdm and I now have the login screen showing

Update 3:
As per update 1 and 2 I have resolved the issues
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