AMD GPU Drivers: Setting fan defaults / temp to fanspeed defaults?

I am determined to make this 250X work again. I think I know what I was doing wrong last time and yes, it was stupidly simple. Laugh at me, throw monkey poo at me. Whatever, I'm new to OC'ing nd stuff. No more of that.

Still, the fan speed defaults to 20% in linux and doesn't budge. 25 is where the fan starts to spin and in windows theres stuff like MSI afterburner to handle all of it instead of the drivers.

My question: Is there a fan profile shipped with FGLRX that I can edit? I don't really know where to look.

Edit: Actually it looks like someone had given me a suggestion that is actually in the drivers now that I know for a fact was NOT how it worked before: The fan ramps up when it gets hot. I can say for sure that it did NOT do this before. At all. I will have to make note of this for the future for anyone else who has a similar issue with this card.

Still curious if there is a way to edit the defaults.