AMD GPU Bonus Items/Games

I noticed in the wee hours this morning something interesting on Newegg, some AMD GPUs are offering something other than Dirt Rally. The Sapphire 390x for example comes with a Mad Max code for example. And it's marked down to 399.

Meanwhile, the 970 (at least the ones from MSI) don't appear to have a game code as of right now. Something to keep an eye on if you're looking to upgrade your video card.

Yeah free games are allways nice.
390x for arround $400,- is a bit more reasonable yes.
Wenn its way over $400,- then its not worth it over a 390 imo.

I agree, I'm basically willing to go 425 with these. Which is why I decided to go with the MSI version, currently 419 on Amazon, free shipping. And comes with Civilization: Beyond Earth, a game I was already planning on buying. So, keep your eyes peeled. Depending on whose selling it you can actually scare a pretty solid discount if you find one with a game you're already looking to get.

Also, wanted to point out that because of the popularity of the 390 v the 390x to this point I'm finding that availability has become an issue. And so a 390 from Amazon for example (NewEgg is sold out) is $379.99 + $6.49 shipping. Whereas the 390x version is $419.99 with free shipping. The non X version doesn't come with a game either.

Note: This is just the MSI variant, not taking the other makers versions into consideration personally as I'm trying to keep my system matching and I already use MSI stuff. So mileage will definitely vary.

AMD needs to bring back the Never Settle Bundle. those were the holy grail of coupons AMD has ever made.

yes definitely,
if you realy want those free games that comes with the card, then $419,- is definitely a good spend.
since you have to count the value of those particular games also.