AMD Gaming RIG $1200 Budget

this is what i would do instead of a sapphire 270x and an 8250. did you already buy the cpu and gpu and are they included in the $1200? Its all black, except for the mobo, unfortunately.

If it was my money this is what I'd get. ALL black.

I agree with almost everything. If the motherboard is a point of contention, consider the ASRock 990Fx Killer. It's a good board at a reasonable price, it also has that readily identifiably red and black color scheme that marks AMD builds. I adore that GPU, it's got a beautiful design and a highly functional cooler, it's also got a rather low price, by comparison to other brands. I prefer Patriot Viper 3 RAM, but that is primarily due to the appearance; the red version goes on sale frequently and matches ASRock or Asus for their red. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is always a good bet for a cooler, although it is possible to do better for not a considerable amount more. Consider the Xigmatek Prime SD1484, it is also a quad-pipe design, but features a 140mm fan design for only about $5 more. Although I am a great proponent of the NZXT Source 210, the Thermaltake Urban 21 is also a pretty case with some good design features for a fairly low price, so you might consider that, if only for aesthetics. Everything else is pretty awesome. 

I havent bought anything yet still havent decided yet, yeah I want that black and red color combination AMD rocks LOL.

I know that 8350 and 8320 is the same the 8350 is just overclocked from the factory, Im scared to overclock because I might break something and it does lower the life span of the components so thats why I was considering getting the 8350 rather than the 8320.

@Mistery Angel

your build looks promising hmm I might follow this build is the 23" enough for 1080p gaming? because next to playing games I love to watch movies in my computer I was hoping 24" is the best or 23" is good enough? 

That 23inch asus monitor is a ips panel. There is not much of a diffrence between 23 and 24inch basicly.  for 1080P its more then enough.

You could also look for a 24inch monitor offcourse, But arround that price, you will mostly find 60Hz TN panels, TN panels are basicly great for gaming, because they have a fast respons time of 2ms, The only big con of cheap TN panels, is that the color quality and the viewing angles, are much lower.

You could also look for a 120Hz TN monitor, if you are a pure gamer., but those are probably more expensive. But still the colors and viewing angles are not as good as an ips. But ips is not as fast, 60-75Hz.

The IPS panels, are a littlebit slower, 5ms respons time, but the big + is that the colors are great, and the viewing angles, are very great. I have a ips monitor and a TN panel my self, and the diffrence in color quality and viewing angles is realy realy big. and i did not notice any ghosting or lag, during gaming, and i even play Need for Speed.

If you want the best screen quality i would recommend to buy a LG ips monitor of 23 or 24 inch. I looked at those, but they are on $220 at the moment, so that would be abit above your budget.The asus also has some very good reviews, and its alot cheaper. a 120Hz TN panel would be arround the same price as an LG IPS.

Its just what you prefer your self. best way to know what fits you the best, is going to a shop where they sell monitors, and look which one is better for you TN or ips. Because its very personal.

Im not a FPS gamer more Im more on MMORPG but when I get this rig now I can run BF3 and BF4 I will give it a try the last time I played a FPS game wayback when Counter Strike is very popular :P saw some gameplays of BF4 at youtube and help I like to test it but my old hardware prevents me from doing so.

I might follow your build except I will make it a 8350 and 8GB ram only might get a NZXT Phantom 410 Gunmetal what do you think? :)

I wont overclock dont have the guts LOL. 

Looks realy fine to me ☺ The Gunmetal Phantom 410 is offcourse a great choice if you like that color."You can get a phantom 410 in various diffrent color sets".. FX8350 is allways a good choice, 8GB of ram is more then enough for todays gaming, but can allways be upgraded if you like later on. 

For MMO RPG games, an IPS monitor 1080P 23/24 inch will be great. in terms of color accurancy and viewing angles. ☺