AMD Gaming RIG $1200 Budget

Okay guys its me Again

Im gonna be building a AMD rig with FX 8350 + r9 270x toxic.

My question is whats the cheapest 990FX motherboard with crossfire yes Im planning to buy a 2nd 270x toxic in the future.


Im not into overclocking so im goona run these bad boys at their factory settings.


What mobo would you suggest and casing with window that have a good dust filter and air flow ( I have a dog that sheds like hell ) and have enough space for 16GB RAM. 

For $1200 you could get a far better build.

Do you need peripherals, monitor or anything out of the ordinary?



Yeah I still need to buy a 24" monitor and a CPU cooler.

My PC is 7 years old Im not expecting to scavenge parts from this PC haha Im giving this to my mom so she will have her own. 

If you want to overclock, you can take this into consideration:


If dont want to overclock you could also try consider this:

INB4 z87 board with a xeon. It is so he can SLI in the future.


I didn't include a case, but left money for it.

Here is what I would build for $1200: 

  • AMD FX 8320/Asus M5a99fx motherboard combo.  For your needs, an 8320 is great enough.  The M5a99fx is a high quality motherboard. And you can get them both bundled together on newegg for a nice price. 
  • XFX Radeon R9 290.  They have been coming down in price.  This is lowest i've seen an R9 290 with an afetermarket cooler.  There is a promo code for thirty dollars, so be sure to redeem it at check out. 
  • G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB DDR3 1600.  This is the cheapest 8gb memory I could find at the moment that's dual channel, high quality and solid speed.  It will work very well.  
  • Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo.  Just to keep your CPU nice and cool.  
  • Corsair Cx750M.  More power than you need really.  But it's modular, 80+ bronze, good quality and it's nice to have that headroom.  
  • NZXT source 210. This will suit your needs quite well.  It's the week link of the build mainly just to keep cost down.  But it will work well. 
  • Western digital blue 1 TB.  Solid 1Tb drive, great for everyday needs.  

Now this build actually comes down way under 1200.  I left some room in case you needed some peripherals or whatever.  It's actually about $950 if you count all the promo codes and mail in rebates,  You can change up anything from the case, if you want to upgrade the CPU to the 8350, If you want an SSD.  Like I said, you will have that choice.    

Please try to avoid the CX series PSU.

Evga's are the same price and more reliable.

Eh, they're alright.  I would prefer a different corsair line or an XFX power supply.

I think we can agree that the CX line is Cosair's worst PSUs and are mediocre at best.

Well CX psu´s are not that bad at all. ☺ its not the best build quality i agree, but i dont read alot of bad reviews about them ☺

I agree with the fact that if you can get a stronger gpu than the 270 or x . Its a mid level gpu that is beginning to fall into the low end bracket. Consider 280 280x 290 290x 770 780 maybe the 760?

i made this, i just went a littlebit over the budget.

I will look if i can modify it for arround $1200

Very nice. Has room to flex ( like 8gigs of ram ) would put it in budget. Like the spacing for the gpus.


Yes you right, 8gig of ram, will be more then enough for gaming.

I was a bit less active in the build section lately, cause of full mod status. But i will be more active on build advices again lol ☺

Ya , its hard to keep up with stuff. Been looking at those boards. What do you think of those. The tdp throws me alittle being use to 140. My best guess would be making sure you have good cooling verses stock or a cheap aircool. So does that mean that the boards are capped out  with 8320?



you mean the Asrock fatal1ty killer? till now i did not read realy bad things about it so it seems like a good board for its price. 8+2 powerphase digi vrm, gold plated solid caps and some cool feutures. like the m2-sata slot, and the onboard headphone amp. Offcourse this board will not be as decent as an Crosshair V formulaZ or a Sabertooth i suppose. but for its price point, it seems like a good board. it will be abit compairable to the Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0. only the fatal1ty has nicer feutures to offer towards gamers.

About TDP, its not realy something to botter about, thermal design power, only means that your cooling solution  should be capable, to dispace that amount of heat in Watts from the  cpu and the socket. for an FX 8 core i allways recommend to buy a decent cooler. especialy wenn you wanne overclock. FX8320 is 125W tdp, so you need a  aircooler that can dispace that amount of heat, which basicly every aircooler should be capable of.

Thank you, it the only thing that causes me to pause about that board. It might be the new budget design.

yeah well i see alot of people on other forums claiming that you could not trow a 220W tdp cpu on a 140W tdp board, that is so hillarious, because, TDP only means that your cooling solution must be capable to dispace that amount of heat. Pistol has a FX9590 on her Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 board 140Wtdp, only 6+2 powerphase and digi vrm. and it works fine. ☺ So for your FX8320 the fatal1ty or the asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 will work fine aswell.

Yup, fallen prey to the myth myself. I have two thoughts , consistent even power supply and run everything as cool as you can. Everything else will sort itself out. lol

i run a FX8350 on a Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 6+2 powerphase digi vrm, i run it over a year now, no single issue with it. I gonne replace the motherboard, because i want a black/red one. and im still torring between 3 boards my self, the Asus Rog, the asrock fatal1ty pro, or the Fatality killer. ☺

Congrats, If anyone i see here deserves that, its you.