AMD Gaming/Editing Rig (Singapore)

Hey guys, I'm gonna build a pc in a couple of months and wanted your opinion on my part choices as well as some help in selecting a good cooler for overclocking. 

Here are the parts:

Proc: Amd FX 8950

Mobo: Asus M5a99x Evo

Gpu: Sapphire 7950 Vapor-X

Ram: Crucial Balistix 16GB Kit 1600mhz

PSU: Seasonic M12ii 750w

Chassis: Thermaltake Urban S31

OS: Not sure to go with windows 7 or 8

Fans: Corsair SP120 x2 as front intake

Cooler Master R4-L2R-20 as bottom intake.

Thermaltake Thunderblade 120mm as rear exhaust and I intend to use the stock fans as top exhaust.

I'll be filling up all of the hard drive bays, that's why I went with the corsair SP120's

I'm confused as to what to use as the cpu cooler as I have a limited selection and I intend to OC the proc as much can, at least whatever I can get on air since a h100i and the like are kinda out of my reach.

I'd like opinions on my cooling choices, whether I should go for high performance SP120's or if I can get away with quiet ones or perhaps just go for more of the High cfm cooler master fans.

Here are some links to price list so you guys know what I have to work with.



Looks good to me