AMD FX9590 users temp database


I used google a lot, but I didn't find any list of user reported temps for AMD FX9590.

Also, google shows a lot of people with temp issues, but not a helpful reference to compare with, and we know references are always good :)

So, if you want to share your system temps, it could be nice for everyone.

I'll be the first:


Cooling system: Switfech H220

In your opinion, is Cooling system well mounted ? No, but I'm fine with temps for now

Environment temp: 22°C

CPU Idle temp: 33°C

CPU gaming max temp : 55°

CPU stress test max temp: not passed (Prime95), temperature slowly raised over 65°


thank to all



Those are good temps for a FX9590. About the same as my [email protected] with Asetek FX Liquid Cooler. 


but I see only now that stress test temp is wrong: temps were always rising over 65° for cpu, and 80° for VCORE-1, so I stopped the test at once to avoid damage.

Now I edit my mistake.

Cooler: Cooler Master Seidon 240M

Yes, my cooler is mounted very well.

Environment temp: No idea. Not hot.

Idle temp: 37

Max Load temp: 53

Stress test max: 53

Cooler: Custom Loop

Cooler is mounted very well

Environmental Temp: 22

Idle Temp 25 (suspicious)

Max Load Temp 52

Stress Test Max Temp 52 (20 runs IBT AVX)

for temps, use AMD Overdrive, it reads the proper sensor, the 3rd party ones dont

Yah I was using HWInfo 64, which is a lot more accurate than Core Temp. Core Temp is always 10 degrees off

HWInfo 64:

AMD Overdrive:

Core Temp:

Don't use prime95. It does un-natural things to your cpu (messes with voltage and whatnot). I recommend aida64. 

^ This, I use IBT AVX as a stress test tool, same results in less time without added stress on your CPU, plus Prime95 does not play nice with AMD CPU's, for example my rig at STOCK throws up errors, failed cores etc etc within 5 minutes whereas IBT I can crank out 50+ runs on the highest setting I can go no sweat.

LinX is another great stresstester with both IBT an Linx using the same Linpack libraries it all comes down to personal taste.

OCCT is also good as well as it's more fully featured than both IBT and LinX (PSU stresstester anyone?)

9590 @ 5.1GHZ no turbo boost, 24/7 stable.

Cooler: Swift Tech H220-X *Just got as a keeper sample unit*

Yes, my cooler is mounted very well.

Environment temp: Very cool, room is at 59 F

Idle temp: 33

Max Load temp: 49

Stress test max: 55

well guys, I just trashed (metaphorisch) my Swiftech H220 water cooler for a brand new AIR cooler, and guess what?


Cooler: Phanteks PH-TC14PE - 2 stock fans - stock thermal paste

my cooler is mounted 90% well, (not 100% because I'm noob: heatsink was sliding like soap on thermal paste while I was tightening the screws)

Environment temp: just fine, 25°C

Idle temp: 38°C

Gaming temp: 45°C

Max Load temp: 64*C

Stress test max: Prime95, 64°C


Stress testing with Prime95: stress level normal, in 30 minutes, temperature was raising to 64°C then downto 61°C, then again to 64°C, then again to 61°C and so on... The reason is a mistery to me.

Stress testing with AMD Overdrive: in 15 minutes, stess test temp fluctuated between 61°C and 62°C

I use ASUS Suite II software to read temperatures. Usually this software send red warnings when temp is above 65°C

 I think it is pretty good for air cooling this CPU.


A good rule of thumb when stress testing is to only have 1 monitoring program open at the one time as multiple programs can conflict and give you inaccurate readings, and close all programs bar the testing and monitor (downloads, interwebz, audio/video etc etc.) so as not to use unnecessary CPU cycles resulting in skewed results.

Gotta pull your card on this one.  Unless your stress testing with super-pi you are not only unstable at those speeds but aren't hitting those temps at load with that cooler.

ss or it didnt happen.