AMD FX8350 + Corsair H40 Temp on Stock Clock



I have recently installed a Corsair H40 liquid cooler on my AMD FX8350,

I am getting only a 5 degrees reduction over stock cooler.

40 Deg ideal and 62 Deg on max load. (while playing Farcry 3)

Can someone please tell me whether the temp are ok ?

If you have the same config, please let me know your system temps.



Judging from Newegg reviews, it's not normal. Temps should be dramatically lower than stock, but, personally, I'm highly skeptical of small, entry-level AIO water coolers, especially when the block is aluminum instead of copper. But then again, anything should be dramatically better than stock. Those temps are fine, but you should be getting lower. This, of course, depends on ambient temperatures. 62 is within spec, but if you're ambient temps are 0c, then it's pretty awful, but if you're ambient temps are something stupid like 40c, then 62 is amazing.

Thanks for the info, my ambient temp is around 22-25 deg. I think maybe there might be some problem with the installation.