AMD FX users what are you temps like with the stock cooler?

Cause my 8150 is running so damn hot,i am stuck with the stock cooler for right now,and have no money to buy a better cooler right now.

I was converting 14 minutes of 1080p MP4 footage to AVI,using GoProStudio,it took 7 minutes,but in that short time my cpu got up to 84C,if it had gone much higher it would of shut down on me.

Is that kinda temp normal or should i worry that something is wrong?

I never got a chance to test the max temp because as soon as i heard it I bought an aftermarket cooler so fast.

I can tell you that with a proper aftermarket cooler and paste that my temps @4.7Ghz are under 53C synthetic MAX load

Well with mine i have had to turn off turbo core JUST to keep in from shutting down on me in games,with it on playing battlefield 3 on max it shut down within 15 minutes lol.

If it help the room temp is in the mid to high 80's F because i live in texas,and my AC is broken lol.

get a hyper 212 man, best 20 bucks you will ever spend! will also give you some moderate overclocking room.

I would if i could i just don't even have $20 to spare right now.

Underclock your part until you can afford... 20 dollars...

Computers are an expensive hobby my friend.


i used the stock FX8350 cooler, for more then a year time. wenn gaming i was allways arround 47C.

I use a hyper 212 plus and the temps on my fx 8320 never get above 40 when I'm gaming. I could be video editing/rendering and I don't get above 45. I got my hyper 212 plus for 30 dollars and a 20 dollar mail in rebate so look out for that on newegg.

Max 24/7 operating temp is 65c on the FX processors. Your biggest problem is your room temp.  Easy way to help it run cooler is to DISABLE  TURBO MODE and ENABLE all you power saving modes. The stock cooler for the FX processors is terrible. If fan noise doesn't bother you to much you can also manualy set you CPU fan to 75% - 100%  until you can grab a cm hyper 212. Even with a better cooler and room temps at 80+ F you may still have some trouble keeping the temps down.  

This summer I went through the same problems with my FX8320 for a while when it was a 100 - 102F out side and my AC went out. I even had to take my side panel off and have a house fan blowing in he case for a few days while I gamed..LOL. It did the trick till the AC was fixed. 

Well i have disabled turbo mode,and i set the bios to power saving mode,i also turned the cpu and case fans to max,and it is still getting hot like this.

Do you think there may be something wrong with my chip? 

Its hard to say. With it so warm in your house  and  you running a fx8150 with stock cooler. 

What are your temps normally like when the AC is working?

As I mentioned above I had the same problem this summer when my AC quit working and it was hot out. I have a double thick 120mm liquid cooler with push/pull fans. When it was 85 -90F in my office I had to run my radiators fans at 75+% to keep it below 65c for normal tasks and at 100% while gaming with an additional house fan blowing in the side of the case.

I can imagine it would be much worse with the stock cooler. 


I guess it wouldn't hurt to reapply your thermal paste.