AMD FX chip bios issues? (not urgent)

Hi, so im new to building pc's and i'm long off from buying the parts and building it. but i heard about some problems with the AMD FX chips needing the mobo bios updated other wise you just get a black screen. how would i go about updating the bios if i cant see it because of it needing updating and i dont have an older chip to update with. if some one could explain this too me because my brain is overheating. there is no rush to reply since i havent bought the parts yet.



P.S im planning on using the Asus M5A97 R2.0 Motherboard

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if you buy the Asus M5A97 R2.0 then you dont have to be affraid of bios update issues, cause like the name says its a R2.0 board, that means it supports AMD FX 2.0 vishera out of the box.

there are indeed mainboards who not updated to supoort Vishera, but most  boards who  come new out of factory now, will be ofc flashed allready.

but yeah if you buy the wrong board, that isnt updated yet  then you have a problem cause then you do need a supported cpu do get a post to update the bios.

But like i said if you plan to buy the asus M5A97 R2.0 you dont have to worry about it, cause it supports the new vishera chips out of the box.

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Actualy FX4300,FX4130,FX6300,FX6350,FX8300,FX8320,FX8350 need a bios update to v1006(FX4130 needs bios 1602)

Out the box bios is 0208

But you will be unlucky if you dont get a asus mobo that isent uptodate with the newset bios 

You can ask your supplier to update it for you or you can take the mobo and a copy of the bios on a flash stick to your local computer shop and have them do it for you.

Thanks i just needed that clearing up and i never actually thought about going to the pc store incase it isn't up to date out of the box :)

some asus mobos can flash bios w/o needing a cpu or gpu....

but i'm pretty sure that the 970 and 990fx chipset mobos all support the fx out of the box...

Wrong, those boards come with  bios version 1101 or 1201 i have the Asus M5A97 evo R2.0 thats why they called R2.0  that gives you guarantee it supports Vishera out of the box!

Asus M5A97 R2.0 an the evo have the same bios ☺

im running an FX8350 on it out of box ☺ bios version 1201 or 1101 was the version out of the box one of those 2, i updated the bios to the latest version wenn i installed windows. but R2.0 board supports vishera out of the box. bios version 1101 is the vishera support version.

the bios version you named came with the M5A97 non R2.0

grtz Angel.


thanks guys it's just this is my first build and i want it to go as smoothly a possible :)

from now on im gonna do much more research cause i went on the asus site, typed in the mobo you said and it said it is compatible with fx chips aswell. lol.  this is the mobo im probaly gonna use thanks

That's a relief! Just got an 8350 ans M5A97 foe my rig! Thanks for the great answer! :)