AMD FX-9590 or GTX 780?

Hello Tek Syndicate,

     My build at the moment includes: ASUS Crosshair V-Formula Z with an AMD FX-8350, 16 GB of G-Skill RAM, an EVGA GTX 670, and Corsair AX850 watt power supply. My question is whether it would be prudent to upgrade my CPU to the FX-9590, or my graphics card to the GTX 780, or something else all together. I enjoy playing various games including FPS's, RTS's, etc. Tell me if i need to include any more information, I am not quite sure whet else you would need to know. Anyway!



the 9590 is just a waste of money simple as that, if you really want more performance oc as much as you can

what resolution are you playing at? if 1080p just stick with the 670 as you're probably maxing out everything, if higher then probably get a 780

if playing at 1080 and maxing everything out you might be interested in a larger resolution monitor

I don't think you're desperate to upgrade anything. That 8350 is almost as good as the 9590. In fact, the 9590 is just a higher binned 8350.

The 670 has still got a year or more left in it. Should play most games on ultra.

Trick question.

Take that money to the bank.

R9 280x/780 but honestly you don't need to upgrade for a bit...

Until that system cannot do what you want or need, I wouldn't upgrade. In the past I had that "need" to always have the best...damn is that expensive. Very easy to spend big money on small gains. Then 6 months later the next "step" get released. In my opinion, it is way more satisfying to me to upgrade every 2 years and get an awesome jump in performance.

Look for someone selling a 670 for cheap... So much easier and stress free.

wish i could do that but i have to constantly upgrade for game development =(...though at least the expenses can be tax deductible =). 

780 is more effective, if you want to buy a 9590 i would probably then suggest to buy a liquid cooling kit instead for half the price and OC the hell out of the 8350.

My thoughts exactly plus one.