AMD FX 9370 vs. Intel i5 4670K

Ok, so before I explain what I'm going to do with my future computer, please don't say "get the FX 8350 because you can overclock it to be a 9370", yes I do realize that, however I'm really just interested in what you guys think would be the better option in my build. With my computer, I will be primarily gaming (Titanfall, GTA 5, Battlefield, and Smite), with some general web browsing. I also wanted to take up doing some video editing. So, I was wondering what a better CPU would be for me, the FX 9370, or the i5 4670K. I will be using a GTX 770 ACX Superclocked as the video card.

Thanks guys.

In the games you play they will be about the same. The AMD may be a tiny bit faster in Titanfall and Battlefield but not by much. Games with poor optimization, like DayZ, will do better on the Intel.

Both are nice and snappy in Windows and the AMD will do a little better in video editing and H.264 encoding.

I know you said don't say it but I'm going to. The 8350/8320 would be a better option. Even if you don't overclock them they will be plenty fast and they are cheaper than the 9370 and offer much better price to performance.

If you don't want to OC you don't have to. You can just leave them at stock speeds. I may also recommend taking a look at the Xeon 1230 V3. It is around the same price as the i5, a little bit more, but it is essentially an i7-4770. It would be perfect for gaming and editing especially if you don't want to overclock.


how about wait like a week and a half and get a 4690k.

Yeah I don't really like overclocking. And isn't the Xeon a server CPU?

Will it really make that much of a difference compared to the 4670k?

Not much difference. but if you are in the states then it is a little better chip for the same price. If you are somewhere where the 4930k costs more then just get the 4670k.

Wut. The 4930k will cost more. It isn't even in the same league. It is a $550 6 core Socket 2011 monster and is way overkill.

He said he doesn't want to OC. There is no reason then to spend more money on an unlocked k part.

Why don't you like OCing? The FX parts OC really well and it is easy.

That being said, the 8350 will perform about the same as the 9370. The extra clock speed doesn't give you a massive boost and it really isn't worth the extra money.

There is no reason to get a k part either. if you don't wanna OC you don't need an unlocked CPU.

My suggestion would be to get the Xeon 1230 V3. It is locked, so no OCing, but as fast as an i7 and will be faster than the 9370 or 8350. It is however more expensive.

Yes, "Xeon" labeled parts are technically for workstations and servers but the 1230V3 is an i7-4770 with the iGPU disabled and about $100 off. It is Socket 1150, requires no special chipset or motherboard, and runs games and edits videos like a boss.

I have both an OCed 8350 running at 4.8Ghz (it can hit 5.0), and  Xeon 1230V3. The two chips are great and perform very similar. If you don't want to OC though I'd buy the Xeon.

I think he was talking about the 4690k that's going to be released soon.

So if I don't want to overclock, would the Intel or AMD be better?

4690k is obviously what i had meant to say.

For gaming intel.  

if you dont want to overclock, grab the xeon E3-1230V3.

Will be better for rendering and editing, then an i5. for allmost the same price.

FX8 core, overclocked will be slighlty better then the xeon, but yeah since you dont like to overclock, the xeon is my opinnion your best bett then.

don't even bother looking at K part intel processors. If you want to compare two processors, compare an 8350 and a 4670. Not the 4670k. Buying a 4670k and not overclocking is like buying a Corvette and never shifting above 3rd gear. It doesn't make sense. The best option for the sort of use you are looking for would be a Xeon E3 1230V3. It won't overclock, it has 4 cores, 8 threads, and can power through any game, or any sort of video editing like a boss.

Thanks very much, now will any LGA1150 motherboard work? For example, this? :


yeah basicly every z87 or Z97 board will work for the xeon. however, if you want the ability for Sli, then you need to look for a Z87 or Z97 series chipset board.

So the motherboard that I posted above would work?

you dont need all the bells and whisles from a decent overclockers board, so basicly the Msi Z97 Gaming 5 will be fine for the xeon, if you like the abillity for sli, then yeah pick a Z series chipset board.

Even if I want to Sli in the future? Also, will I need very good cooling for the Xeon, like a Noctua nh d14 or should I go with something like a coolermaster hyper 212 evo?

a hyper 212 evo will be fine. The Xeon won't be pumping out much heat. It runs at stock clocks, and even if it is under heavy load, you won't need something like a d14 to cool it.