Amd fx 8350

So I'm building my first PC. I do a lot of gaming and a descent amount of work with photoshop, adobe after effects, blender, and Cryengine 3. The reason I'm building this PC is because the one I currently have has integrated graphics and is outdated etc. and I want to have something that can be easily upgraded. I'm on a pretty strict budget right now which is why I'm planning to go the the AMD FX 8350. Will I notice a huge difference. For example, right now when I open up a big project in Unity my computer goes through a long process of starting it up, telling me it's not responding, and then, eventually, it finally opens up the project all the way and this is mostly happening (I'm assuming) because of the worthless integrated graphics that came with this laptop.

Now, from what I've heard and researched, AMD is a little slower at 3D rendering that sort of stuff which is fine by me, I can wait. Other than the extra time for rendering, is there anything else that might be noticable when working on projects? For example, if I'm working on moving things around in a high resolution 3D project would there be large stutters.

Well you haven't posted your current specs.

Intel is better for cryengine and an i5 does better in blender than fx 8350. But 8350 is quite capable when overclocked (look at star citizen demos)

You can't do much with integrated graphics. I reccomend getting a good video card and an i5 or 8350 with a good cooler.

EDIT: I suspect AMD has better viewport performance and render times than nvidia in blender. 280x or 290(non x) are best buys.

The FX-8350 is plenty capable, and like TropiKo stated about overclocking, you can get it to 4.5-4.7ghz and it'll do real well.  Your main focus is going to be graphics over CPU capabilities.  Generally speaking the FX-8350 is marginally similar to the i7-4770k on rendering.  Especially considering if you're running Unity/Cryengine, Photoshop, and Blender all at the same time, which will happen a lot during development.

I build games on Unity/cryengine and i do notice a surprisingly noticeable difference using Nvidia over AMD graphics cards.  I think the engine really enjoys CUDA cores.  I do know that Cryengine is about to give full public support for Mantle real soon if not the latest patch(haven't patched in 2 months).  When it comes to blender, a lot of people will say that it has similar performance to Modo which tends to prefer CUDA as well. Personally i'd go for NVidia graphics, over AMD.  My reason is cause Nvidia is superior for high poly count, heavy shading/lighting(Superior performing cores); while AMD really benefits more on AA, Tessellation, Texture loading (mostly cause the VRAM is quicker and has higher bandwidth).

Alright thanks for the feedback. And the GPU I'm currently planning to go with is the Asus GeForce 760 2GB DirectCU II