AMD FX 8350 vs Planetside 2

So basically I'd like to know if anyone has the AMD FX 8350 and playes Planetside 2 with it. I have heard a lot of praise for the 8350 in Logan's videos comparing it with the 3570K and the 3770k. What he didn't do is test it in any multiplayer games. I am considering getting the 8350 (mostly) for Planetside 2 and would like to know how this CPU handles with high pop. multiplayer shooters. For those who don't know of PS2, up to 2000 players can play in a single hex (1000 feet). This is an extreme example of course but it does happen. 

I'll test it as soon as I get my rig up and running :)

cool :p

It can handle it, I have the CPU myself and loving every minute of playing PS2, as long as my internet can keep up

What does your fps fluxuate to and from and what's your settings on?

It's been awhile since I've played though. I turned everthing on ultra, but my res is only 1024. I'll report back as soon as I can (There's an 8 GB update I have to download)

My friend uses an FX-8350 and a Radeon 6870 2GB and he plays Planetside 2 with me at 1920 x 1200 (I believe, he may have turned his res down) and he says it runs just fine at medium settings.  I don't know exactly how many frames he gets or how the fluctuate, but he hasn't complained about them, so I'd say it works just fine.

on my old i7 920 i got about 10-20 fps higher than on my fx-8350 (same gpu).

I run ps2 all high settings at 1600x900, and everything runs fine. There are spikes from time to time but I think it is the fault of my lack luster internet

Thank you all for your help. If anyonw is willing I'd like to know what kind of frames you get with the 8350 on ultra settings 1080p. i"d like to know how far this cpu can go.

On planetside 2 you will likely be limited by your graphics card before that 8350, its more than capable of running any game in ultra, also as you increase the resolution, the dependancy on the graphics card goes up but the CPU requirements remain about the same.

This post is a bit old, but I just wanted to point out that I have no issues playing Planetside 2 with my FX 8350 I think my minimum fps was about 45-50 (not entirely sure as I havent played in months.) my gpu is a HD 7950

Bullshit, you're clearly lying, not only is single core performance much better on the 8350, it's higher clock speed, more cache and new instruction sets but 20 fps is so much. Please stop trolling or being a fanboy of Intel, the forum does not appreciate fanboys.

Cool. Thank for the reply!

I need to point out a clear distinction that you should be worried about your Graphics card choice more than your choice in CPU with modern games. The difference between an FX-8350 and an i7 3770k is negligable with both systems running the same GPU or equvilent other branded GPU. Most games that actually prefer one CPU over the other typically only use 1-2 cores of the CPU and are usually older games. Newer games are typically GPU dependant as the core usage you will see out of most new games is 4 cores at most, for now. In the future we may see more support for 6-8 core processors in games to run background sub-programs to leverage more power out of the game.