AMD FX-8350 vs i7 3820 Pros and Cons

Hey I am looking at a FX-8350 at 4.00GHz for $190 or the i7-3820 at 3.6GHz for $300 (note: prices are in CAD).

Which one is better for the money, is the i7 extra $110? and what are the pros and cons of each CPU?

Thank you. 

if your going to oc you should look at getting the fx 8320 for  $167 over the fx8350

and in cinebench the fx 8350 @5.1 is just as fast as the i7-3820 @5.1 . if you want to beat the fx at your price range go with a 3770k i7 but if your rendering then the only way to beat it is to go 6 core 2011

The AMD no doubt. I won't even bother to write a comparison,it ain't worth those +110$.


I7 is faster but costs a lot more.  8350 actually performs a tad faster in some threaded situations though.

If you're on a budget go for AMD. If you can spend money on LGA2011 board and that cpu, you will get better stock performance. Better for money? Depends on what you actually do with your cpu. For exapmle if you run  virtual machines, and do more decent work then you should get Intel, as AMD isn't good for virtualization, also, LGA2011 can get you larger amounts of RAM, for cheaper, and as it's quad channel, the theoretical memory badwidth would be quadroupled, i'm not sure if AMD supports it but Intel supports SLAT wihich is vital for good virtualization and the usage of Hyper-V. SLAT allows you to make your virtual machines much more flexible and it brings them closer to actual real hardware.

 If you're just using your pc for casual stuff, like gaming, few benchmarks here and there then a bettwr option would be AMD. As if you run out of juice you can overclock it.

Hope it helps,
Cheers mate.