AMD FX-8350 Requirements? Should I get one

Hey everyone, I'm looking to upgrade my crappy Phenom for an 8350 because I've been getting shit FPS lately.

I have a GTX 660 TI and this crap mobo  GIGABYTE GA-970A-UD3 AM3+ I also have a 600w power supply.

My question is, can my power supply handle the 660 ti and the 8350 I know AMD cpu's are hot, and I'm just not 100% sure that it can handle it and want someone who knows more to help me out.

Also, what kind of performance increases should I be seeing? 

Thank you all! <3

EDIT: I have a cooler master hyper 212 cpu cooler, and the PSU is 80+ certified, again thanks!

I would say YES =)

Of course it can handle it. That system would prob need about ~400W. People always think that they need a massive power supply. You really don't. AMD CPUs are hot? What does that even mean? lol an AMD part will run at pretty similar temperatures to an Intel part. If you're talking about energy usage, then yes AMDs do use more power than Intel's because of the older manufacturing process, but it is pretty negligible. 

I would suggest grabbing a better MOBO, a 990FX if you're gonna be overclocking. 

You should see a pretty fair increase in FPS I can't give exact numbers. That is if it is your CPU that is bottlenecking. What kind of Phenom is it? a I or II? 

But doesn't power consumption correlate with heat? 

And yeah I definitely need a new mobo thanks for the recommendation.

I do believe my CPU is bottle necking, its a Phenom II X4 OC to 3.8Ghz

It can but not necessarily. Like I said before, the FX-8350 uses more power than say an Ivy Bridge Intel i5, but it is only a tiny bit more. Like hardly even noticeable. Plus being at the 22nm fab process, which brings the power efficiency, makes the part get hotter. Even so 600W is more than enough. 

I have a ASUS Sabertooth. Seriously good motherboard for AM3+, but if you wanna go a bit cheaper I'd recommend the ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2. 

I second that. the 8350 DOES use more power than an i7, however, when you're talking about cpu's, the scale of that difference is really not that great. we're talking a 40 watt difference between the 3770k and the 8150, and the 8350 uses less power than the 8150, for the clock. but the clock is higher... so, probably still 40w more.

in comparison with, say, a gpu, for example, a 7970, the power draw is marginal. the 7970 draws 325w at load, and the GHz edition draws 384w. trust me, the cpu is not even a consideration in power supply, when it comes to us putting together parts list. we just assume 150w for cpu and mobo, and run with that.

Thanks guys I'm going to pick up the 8350 soon! 

And a new MOBO down the line

a decen 600W psu for a FX8350 system is totaly fine. just buy a better motherboard like Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 this is realy a decent board for its price point..

Offcours a gpu upgrade for newer games is also something to keep in mind for the future. not needed now but probably over a year or so.

600w is a good to go with 660ti.

If you plan to crossfire on a Fx8350, bear in mind it doesn't perform well but it's good with a single gpu.


Have you got a source? I plan to get an 8350 and maybe do crossfire later on, how is the performance bad? I'd like to read up on that if you've got an article.

I didn't use Crossfire with mine but I did use SLI with some nVidia cards. It performed well. It doesn't scale as well as an i7 in some games but it is still way better than a single card. 

The biggest reason I stopped using SLI was it was too much of a headache. Drivers, turning it on and off, and everything else that comes with it. Nothing more frustrating then running a game with two cards and getting 5 FPS.  

That's understandable. I just skimmed through an article that may have helped change my mind about the 8350 and crossfire. At this rate, I'll never be satisfied with my build.,3407.html

Thanks for the insight!

I don't buy that article. I have an 8350 and I have used the i7. The performance difference, at least with what I've seen, is very similar.

The i7 does do a better job, but really in gaming they trade blows. If you are streaming or playing games that really takes advantage of multiple cores it really destories. Also when doing encoding, like H.264 encoding it can really kill the i7. 


Not being a fanboy here either. I have a computer with the FX-8350, the FX-6300, a Phenom II, a 3570k, a 4500u. 

i am running mine oc at 4.8ghz most of the time on a 600 wt psu and a 7970 oc as well so far no problems, 

my mobo is the sabretooth r2 and ram is 8gb ripjaws 10 10 10 1600mhz

Alright, so which processor would you recommend for a $1k gaming build?