AMD FX 8350 Overheating Issues

So I'm running a AMD FX 8350 at 4000MHz. It has a liquid cooling unit on it, but it idles at around 43C And i know that's a bit to high. 

Now, anytime i run anything that uses a large percentage of the CPU, like 70% or more for a period of 10 to 15 minutes, it over heats and shuts downs, hitting 84C, (that was the highest i saw it before it shut down.)

Any ideas of solutions of what could be causing the problem?

And it's not like I'm doing crazy things on it. Whenever i render i video in Vegas at 720p, and its a 10 minute video it over heats and shuts down after 10 minutes, or running skyrim with 30 to 40 mods, nothing majorly graphical or overhauling but a few HD texture mods, it jumps up to the upper 60's c.

My pc specs on are on my profile. 

Re-Mount the WaterBlock maybe ? and what Voltage does it say its at ?

pull the block off, clean the goop off it, use some prolimetek pk1 or other quality goop, then re-apply the cooler, those temps are way off if your using a water kit 

Yea i know, that's whats driving me crazy. I did that already, still no difference, I'll check the voltage next, but its running at stock 4000MHz so yea... x_x

my fx4100 does same thing on stock cooler . . .

Friend had same problem.  Lowered the voltage to 3 and everything was fine and dandy.


my amd FX8350  at 1.368V run´s at  4.113Mhz on stock cooler at 41 degrees atm, pc is allready on for more then 10 hours my room temperature is about 26 degrees. And im watching a Live stream Darts at the moment.

so yeah your temps are realy hot on an LC cooler.

grtz Angel ☺