AMD FX-8350 hotfixes/Patches

I saw logans review(s) of the 8350 and he said something about requesting a patch from Microsoft for the scheduling issues with W7. Now the only fixes I can find are these:


Are these the fixes Logan was talking about or are there others? 

the fixes he applied he has given a link to them in discription ! 

anyways here are the links



Thank you big help! I just got my FX 8350 and now I have ALL the CORES!!!!!

ur welcome @ DAZA-90

and akira4950

i have heard ur username some where XD
anyways i also bought fx 8350 on 24 january its an epic processor ' 

Does this really improve performance that much?

Same question to me?

here is the answer by testing it myself on the same system and more or less the same processes running. Stock cooling, speed, no energy saving stuff (Cool&Quiet always disabled, special core state disabled or some other bullshit)

test made with AIDA64 Extreme Edition_2.80.2300 before and after the MICROSOFT FIX.

benchmark BEFORE fix :

benchmark AFTER fix :


NOTE: my windows was installed 16 November 2010 (yes, more than 2 years ago).


visual aid (i took some screenshots of the results) :

memory read :

memory write :

memory copy :

memory latency :


CPU Queen :

CPU PhotoWorxx :

CPU ZLib :





FPU Julia :

FPU Mandel :

FPU SinJulia :


conclusion : the fix does improove some of them.

i totally agree with diabolik_023

try re-running these tests after disabling core parking all togather, also try it with process lasso running ;)

i kick this up again.

ive got the FX8350  and in  task manager i see  8 cores, but wenn i gonne look at my system info it says 4 cores and 8 logical processors, is this normal?

or has this something to do with those patches?


That is the correct way that it should be displayed. After the patch, Windows 7 sees the processor as 4 core and 8 threads. This is due to the similarity to Hyperthreadding. Even though this form is hardware, and intel's is software, It is still the same type of multithreading so it is proper to see 4 cores and 8 threads. Think of each of the cores is a module, and each of the threads is a core. The two threads in each core, can work together on the same data, thus it is better to pair them on the same task, so that the cache dosent get flushed out, moved to another module, then flushed back at random times.

To answer your question, yes this has to do with the update.

Also, can someone be so kind as to benchmark the following:

FX-8350 Stock

1866Mhz RAM

Windows has been telling me over and over that these updates arent applicable... I even just installed my new mobo, and I'm still getting the same pop up. I ran all of the important windows updates and left the optional ones. What am I doing wrong?

nice thanks, but further i still see no diffrence with or without the patches.

my pc works realy fine, the only thing that is annoying, in windows 7 x64 is flash in internet explorer,  this browser realy freezes much :) wenn it comes to flash.

i still dont have a solution for this problem, but i know till now x64 java en flash x64 in internet explorer 8 is realy crappy

Now you need to go a step up and get a 16-core opteron. I mean, it probably won't help improve whatever it is you're doing (in fact, they are clocked pretty low, so it would most likely make it worse), but..... the cores....

Well I brought my FX-8350 rig to a LAN over the weekend and had applied all of the Windows updates including these fixes.

Can't say I noticed a difference but can say that the FX-8350 overclocked to 4.6GHz (core parking disabled) and paired with dual 7870s ran like a champ.

Not sure what more one could ask for I mean I'm not seeing any slow downs anywhere so not sure why I should care about overall benchmark numbers anymore (mind you my main rig is a 3930K and lemme tell ya it is overkill).

MisteyAngel, If you are tired of IE crashes, Then simply don't use it  :) IE Has always been crap. And im sure it always will be. It has very little security and has been known to corrupt some files when downloading. Simply switch to Mozilla firefox, Or google chrome. I prefer Mozilla based browsers myself.

I prersonally use FireFox and SeaMonkey, Both Mozilla based. Comodo IceDragan is another good Mozilla based browser as well. For Google chrome variants ( I don't trust anything associated with google) I would recomend Comodo Dragon ( Chomium/webkit based)

I've also installed the patches as well ( Fx-6100) Never had any troubles installing them. And haven't noticed and major gains. Ran fine before and after. Although my WEI jumped to 7.4 from 7.3  for my ram after the patches. Processor stayed the same at 7.3


I know this post is old but I'm running this issue right now. Were you able to figure out the problem?