AMD FX-8350 Build check


Have a look at my build and let me know what you think.

PC will be used for gaming and streaming. My main questions are regarding the mobo and psu... is this mobo good for OCing and will this psu be good enough for future upgrades?

Also, I have no idea what monitor to purchase...any recommendations would be appreciated. Less than $300 would be ideal.


PCPartPicker part list:


I would go with a 650 watt if you are planning on OCing, 8350 draws a lot of power when overclocked. If you are planning on crossfiring get a 750 watt psu.

Alright cool. I am not planning on crossfiring, so I'll get the 650.

yeah not even close, i don't think it's even possible to push a single gpu/cpu machine to 500w

Overclocked 8350 is 220 watt (TDP for fx-9370) plus around 300w for 7970 is already around 500 watts

That power supply should be good.  550W is plenty.

go with msi or asus for the 280x if you're gonna oc it. Gigabytes are voltage locked


Noice. Noted.

what's your budget before rebates

tdp isn't wattage, it only has to do with thermals

I'm no expert on this stuff, but going by this calculator (not sure how accurate it is):

you're right around 520 watts without even overclocking your gpu. If it were me I would go with the 650 watt in case I wanted to upgrade something later.

PcPartPicker has a calculator already lol.

Estimated Wattage: 474W

I've been looking at the motherboard you have listed and the 990FX version.Both are the same price right now (there's a $10 off promo for 990FX that expires tomorrow). Decisions decisions...

If you wanted to OC your CPU then you should pay a few bucks more to get a cpu cooler first. Your MOBO is capable of OCing your CPU but you cooler isn't

Ya just make a choice of ocing the cpu verses the gpu or vice versa.

That sounds about right for a pre-overclock estimate.