Amd fx 8320 r9 270x psu corsair 500m

hi everyone

i was wondering if a 500 watt psu
was enough for my system

amd fx 8320
msi r9 270x
asrock 970 extreme 4 
1 optical drive
8gb of DDR3 1600 mhz of ram 

i would like to hear from you guys
should this be enough
orr do i need more




That is plenty of juice. Although if the CX600 is available for not much more grab it. More bower to upgrade in the future.

It would be a close shave, but it would work. Although I do recommend getting a 550W or a 600W so you can have some extra headroom for overclocking and the like as well as make headroom for aging as well

500W is more then enough. But yes indeed the 600W version is only $10 more or so, maybe something to concider, but still 500W is more then enough for that setup.