Amd fx-8120

I want everyones honest opinion about this chip. I used it to build my first PC and its great so far besides the factory heatsink being loud. I also do not want your biased "should have gone with intel opinion", because I dont care. I got an Amd machine because I wanted one and now I have it forever and it will possibly be the only PC i can afford for the next 6 or so years. So deal with it. But I want to know what everyone thinks about this CPU.

its a fine chip, the bulldozers were a bit of a let down to be fair but they are still pretty good, the chips that followed with the piledriver cores work better but again new tech always does.

It will work fine with games and will do everything you want it to and when we finally get some games that can use 8 cores effectively (and mantle) it will only perform better.

Yeah i definetely agree with you on that one. All i see everywhere is a bunch of biased fanboys talking about intel. Im not a fanboy so someday I will probably build an intel machine, however for the price that i got this CPU for and the fact that I can do anything I set my heart to do on my Computer. I am totally satisfied. The only thing is that the factory heatsink is loud. Other than that It runs like a champ.