AMD FX 6300 VS Intel i3 3220

So Newegg has the AMD cpu for $130 after discount and intels i3 3220 for $120. Which one would be best for gaming and video editing. also I just got a Nvidia gtx 650 

probs intel

The FX 6300 will outperform the i3 in most areas at stock, including many games. When overclocked the FX 6300 wipes the floor with the i3. Programs are becoming more capable of using multi-core technologies, thus locking yourself down to a dual core chip in this day and age will severly limit your purchase's future potential.

With a decent after market cooler, it is completely reasaonable to be able to get the FX 6300 OC'd to 4.8GHz, the i3s can't really be OC'd at all.

Here are some benches at stock:

Make sure to take note on which benchmarks are 'lower is better' vs 'higher is better'.

the FX-6300 by far

outperforms the i3 at nearly everything and is only 2-3% slower at singlethreaded, but will even beat the i3 at singlethreaded when overclocked


Does it matter that I have a Nvidia gpu, will AMD work good with it

It makes no difference.

Sweet thanks.


with the AMD i would suggest getting it if u dont plan to upgrade for a little while since its next upgrade wont be for a while, with the intel it kind will keep u locked in with that socket if u dont plan to upgrade the mobo since the haswell is coming out and most other sockets other than the 1150 may be come less important as the company works to focus on the new socket. so if u go intel i would suggest waiting for a few months to see how haswell comes out and maybe save up a little and get one of those 


if u plan/want to build soon i would go the amd root has enough power for the average gamer, plus u can overclock it quite a bit. also like i said previously (i think) the next amd cpu (steamroller) is planned to be on the AM3+ socket, with many people predicting that the steamroller cpus will surpass the i5s it would be a good upgrading desicion down the road.


so to state once again: if i was in your position i would go with the AMD option, its next processor series will be on the same mobo socket as the 6300. now the intel does win in single threaded performance but since u said you were gonna be doing editing i would suggest the 6300 which has greater multi-threaded performance. personally i am using the 6100 (turbo off and oc'ed to 3.6) and its doing everything i want it to do plus somei have rendered hours of footage with it and it has pulled yes the intel can win in render times but thats usually not unitl u get into the upper i5s or i7s


^^^ hopes that makes sense to you and hope it helps

Very well said. I plan on ordering the parts in the next couple days. I will just get a coolermaster heatsink so I can overclock the 6300. Thanks for taking time to give a more indepth answer.

I've got an FX-6300, and I'm extremely happy with its performance. It's competing with the i5 very competently and gets everything I want to get done very well.