AMD FX-6300 vs Intel I3 3220 ***EDIT*** $140 Intel cpu Suggestions?

I would think 3220 even though its not as good as the fx6300, its still more upgradeable. what are your thoughts?


also i need a $140 cpu thats good for gaming, I ordered an i3 3220 but the supplier switched it with a 4130....-.- i don't want a 4130 hahah




turns out they're not sending the 4130 but they said they can send an intel pentium g2130, is this any good? its 90 dollars, but i would really like to spend more if i can get a better one, my price limit is $150 AUD.  heres a nice currency converter if you would like to use it (you don't have to)


Thanks in advance

$140 budget?

i3 vs fx6300? Fx6300 for sure!

The FX-6300. The i3 has better single threaded performance, but except for a few badly optimized games, games use more cores efficiently. And there is proof that on CPUs with less cores some games disable assets (search on youtube for Battlefield 4 videos).

There are also suspicions (which I believe to be true) that the NSA has planted a backdoor in the Intel hardware random number generator, enabling them to break any encryption with relative ease. Based on these allegations, FreeBSD (a UNIX operating system) has taken steps to reduce the involvement of the Intel random generator when generating numbers for encryption purposes.This alone is reason enough for me to prefer AMD over Intel.

Why do you say the i3 is more upgradeable? You can go from the FX6300 to FX8350, or the 9000 series.

I5/i7 route is probably better than fx route. Any intel suggestions, my motherboard has already come. thanks

140$? dude, do yourself the favor and add 10$ and get a FX 8320, I beg of you.

I know you said intel but I ignored that . . . lol

I agree the FX 6300 would be better, in most single-threaded cases it's good enough that it's not a huge deal (in some games such as MMOs like WoW or Rift the i3 would be noticeably better, though) while in multi-threaded the FX 6300 is quite a bit better.

But if you're stuck with an LGA 1155 board, then I'd say the best you can do for under $150 would whatever the fastest Ivy Bridge i3 you can get for that price is. The i3-3240 is the fastest in that gen, but the difference between it and an i3-3220 is incredibly small. It might also be worth checking eBay to see if you can nab any good deals, at least here in Canada you'll find someone selling off old i5-2500Ks (which are within about 15% of the latest i5-4670K and OCs like a dream) for under $150... if you're really lucky possibly even an i7.

If you go the route of looking for used CPUs, look for i5-2400, i5-2500, i5-2500k, i5-3330, i5-3350, i5-3470, i5-3570, i5-3570k, i7-2600, i7-2600k. And some of the lesser-known ones that might not be searched for are the i5-2550K and i7-2700K (the 2500K and 2600K were way more popular, and the 2550K and 2700K were released a little later and costed more just for a 100MHz clock speed increase, they weren't even cherry picked).

If the motherboard doesnt matter but you just need a AM3+ :

Sadly the motherboard does matter otherwise i would've gone with the fx 6300 or more way sooner. i have an asrock b75m r20 so i need it to be intel and socket lga 1155

i think I'm gonna look around for some slightly used ones, does it really matter how old they are and used because i could probably find a nice i5 for under $150 if i looked hard enough (second hand of course)

if you already have an intel board, then indeed try to pickup a second hand i5. with amd FX 8 core cpu´s a motherboard does indeed matter alot. you need one with a decent power delivery.

maybe i should just go with an i3 3240 for $110 which is actually like $60 off atm. I will upgrade later if i need to (for my b'day next year or christmas) and probably just use the $60 for blue ray drive or something, but i should probably save it haha

Thanks for all your help guys!