AMD FX 6300 Performs as well as FX 8350 in games

Just thought i should let you know; i swapped a FX 8350 for 8GB DDR3, FX 6300 and Radeon 7850 (Worth it if you ask me.) I lost about 1-2fps in most games apart from skyrim i lost about 5! So if you're planning on a new CPU and looking at the 8350 (unless you do video editing, lot's of compression ETC) get the FX 6300.

Intresting. Can you tell me which other games? Is a game like Battlefield 3 or Crysis 3 among them? Those are games that keep my 8 cores occupied pretty heavily that I know of (especially BF3). I'm intrested in the diffrence.

And did you overclock on one of the two?

This is true depending on factors. The individual cores themselves are about equal.. ABOUT... not exactly.

  1. The game is not stressing either CPU or uses 6 threads or less.
  2. The game is bottlnecked at the GPU level.

If I had the money to spend and I was building a new computer I would go for the 8350 because with the new consoles being 8 core processors there are going to be games coming out in the next few years that have 8 threads. The 6300 will be slower in that case, but it is still a great processor especially for the money.

The 8320 doesn't cost much more than the FX6300. Get the 8320 lol

Yeah but there is some truth to his post. I know serveral games where 2 cores of my 8350 are basicly just 'hanging around' with 0% usage. In cases like that I strongly believe I am putting out the exact performance of the fx 6300.

Especially when you know the 6300 also overclocks as sweet as the 8350.

Indeed it does. I wouldn't miss out on the 8320, though. Much more versatile chip.

I have seen tests where the FX6300 beats an i5 in gaming, I know what he is talking about. I've also seen tests where the cheaper Phenom 965 competes with the FX6300. So I have to ask, is it actually appropriately priced? With sufficient gaming hardware priced lower, and an editing chip priced a smidge higher?

All of my games except Metro and Skyrim had a 1-2fps drop. I had/have it at 4.2ghz (always)but skyrim and metro 2033/Last light had a 5-10fps drop which i think is a little bit strange. BF3 runs quite nicely at about 100FPS on high (1920x1080) with dual 7850's no performance hit from the change of CPU.

In the UK the FX-8350 is about £70.00 more for no performance increase. I also doubt i have a bottlekneck; I have 1 Radeon 7850 CF with a 7870 (both 2gb) and 8gb DDR3.

In the UK the FX-8320 is about £70.00 more for no performance increase.

Actually the difference between the FX6300 and the FX8320 is about £35, not £70.

Sorry i meant 8350, my bad.

Fair enough

I agree, there isn't much performance gain between the 6300 and the 8350... until you get a game that will use 8 cores... which I think we will see in the coming year.. and definately in two years. I wouldnt upgrade to the 8350 now, but if I was starting a new build and wasnt concerned about that money I would get the 8 core processor for the future proofing. Of course, maybe you are planning on upgrading every couple years anyway. Just depends on your style.

you will see realy performing diffrences wenn you overclock both cpu´s and if you gonne play realy cpu intensive games. then the FX8350 is much much better.

for those who have 2 cores idleing, maybe try to disable coreparking in windows..

Okay yeah, you have it nailed down that in specific games having more cores doesn't help. But what happens when you decide to get a decent audio card, upgrade the gpu, download a torrent, listen to music, open an internet voice service, and tab out of the game your playing to watch a youtube video or look at a game guide (obviously in windowed mode so fps is still relevent)? How many fps is your precious 6 core running now. muahahahahah! Combine that with the 10 fps boost you already see in skyrim and metro and you have justified the extra price. Remember, there is no replacement for displacement! It's an engine refrence but it works. 

I picked up a FX8320 for £100 in a sale and i am loveing it try out some games that use up the cpu like  Crysis 3  or farcry 3 these crytek engine games use all 8 cores of the cpu.

I'm wondering about the 4300 which is what I have. Im thinking 10% less fps. I only it because it was only $99. Will be upgrading to whatever the 8 core steamroller is though 

I came to the same conclusion the OP did. The 6300 isn't that far behind the 8350 in terms of gaming and there is even a smaller gap if you overclock. I invested the money instead in RAM,SSD and a kick ass 650ti

But then again I was building my rig for mid range gaming and doing some productivity so it's totally up to what you need. In my opinion the FX-6300 is a great chip for gaming and productivity for the price.

Yeah, I know that one. But its most definetly the game, Since thats the first thing I do every windows install.

Besides, I think its autofixed in windows 8. it only parks cores when youre idle or playing a unoptimized game, which sounds kind of logical to me.