Amd FX 6300 Overclocked

I overclocking my amd fx 6300 to 4ghz. I set the voltage to offset because I felt safer doing this. Core voltage is mostly 1.332v running prime 95 but can go down to 1.308 and up to 1.344 sometimes. My temps are also 45 degrees running prime95. Are these temps and voltages good for this overclock?

you could probably get to 4Ghz on stock voltages really

what should the stock voltages be?

lots of wiggle room im at 4.2ghz at just over 50c and a little over 1.4 volts may I ask did you bump the multipier or the bus freq. I can't touch the multi will not boot so im at 220mhz bus and stock multi at 19? 

I changed the bus to 205mhz and the multiplier to 19.5

Have you tried the Asus auto tuning? I started there and then did some tweeking on my own, I have the M5A97 R2.0 which is quite similar to yours. Same cooler too.

stock voltage should be called Auto in bios


Trevsstrem what mobo are you using?

see my profile for full specs always value you input Giga

make sure spread spectrum off, turn off load line if you don't have too much of a vdroop, you can keep it on if your thermals are okay

turn off cool and quiet

add about .05 to .1v to your ram

make sure you are putting voltage in the CPU not the NB-CPU, Do not go above 1.5v under any circumstance

if you still can't boot after changing the multiplier

 then lower the HT and NB multipliers, keep the NB higher than HT, try to keep it close to 2000 as possible

Thanks I set the bus to 200 and did as you sugested im at 21multi 57c with prime 95 for 30 min no problem (1.440v max). I will keep playing with that. So few words impart such knowledge THANKS GIGA. Time to play.

coolio glad i could help