AMD fx 6300 or 8350

I am looking to build a new system and i was wondering which cpu will be better for future games.

Is this a trick question? Sorry but... generally more cores is better(6300 6 core 8350  8 core) in almost every application. ESPECIALLY when they are in the same architecture, family, etc.  like the ones you are comparing. That said, a quad core like a i5 4690k is arguably better than an 8350 when you go application by application because of the way Intel does every core compared to AMD despite the 4690k only being a quad core and the 8350 having 8. Core per core, at the same clock speeds, the 8350 and 6300 are basically the same. If you want to talk about the future, there is a shift to more multi-threaded applications. AMD generally built the 8350 to be superior to the 6300 in every way, basically higher clock speed, more cores, but that said it does have a higher TDP. 


If none of that made sense to you, remember this: 8350 is better. End of story. If you can get the money for it, get it. Especially in games. Some games use 8 cores, more games in the future will probably use more cores. If you had to choose between the two get the 8350.


The 8350 is the better CPU in every conceivable way, however for the money the 6300 is a good CPU most games don't make use of more then 2-4 cores as such the difference is gaming performance between a 6300. a 8350, and a 4690k would be very small. That difference would be mostly with smoothness of FPS and minimum FPS. The real question is what will you be doing with the computer? If gaming is all you care about and you are on a budget you are better off getting a better graphic card like a 970, R9 290/290x, or 980; none of these cards in single configuration will be bottle-necked by a overclocked 6300. 

FX8350 is the better cpu, because it simply has 1 more fpu enabled then the FX6300. Diffrence between a FX8350 and i5-4690k is huge in games that are only use up to 2 cores, these games are the so called cpu bound games. But the i5 is basicly better in allmost every game, because they have much better single threaded performance. Even a core i3 will beat a FX8350 in MMO´s that use upto 2 cores. games like world of warcraft or planetside 2 and all that kind of stuf.

Next to that, if you go with a highend gpu like that, then dont go with a FX6300, imo The FX6300 will definitely bottleneck a highend gpu in cpu bound games like MMO´s or cpu + gpu bound gaming scenario´s like multiplayer. FX8350 is simply the better cpu, But it cannot keep up with an haswell i5 wenn it comes to cpu bound game´s or cpu + gpu bound gaming scenario´s. The diffrences especialy in the minimum fps can be huge in some games. Offcourse it depends allot on the games you play in the end and how you play them, Because there are also allot of gpu bound games, in which there is basicly allmost no diffrence between amd and intel. But an i5 is simply the better allrounder for gaming. But the FX8350 is definitely not a bad choice, if you are on a budget, but keep in mind, if you wanne overclock a FX8350 you atleast need a decent mobo and a good cooler. so keep that in mind.

MY recommendation, if you are a diehard gamer especialy mmo´s or indie´s, and you could afford an i5 without making sacrefices on the GPU then do it, if not then grab a FX8320 or FX8350.

I have to say, that i finaly starting to see the new upcomming games, utilizing cpu´s a bit better, games dont use more then 4 main threads. But i finaly start to see some newer games, that have the abillity to utilize all availeble threads, But unfortunatly doe, this is still not leading to better performance for 8 threaded cpu´s.

In the end both intel and amd are good choices, and will offcourse play every game. Only the intel i5 will pull ahead in some games, But yeah they also cost the premium.

My 2 penny´s

8350 > 6300. basic math betch

Get both. Then put 6300 on top of 8350. That way you'll get a 14 core FX-14650 CPU running at 7.5Ghz stock!

If you were being serious, then 8350.

8350 , better... but you need a MB that can handle the power and more than 8 GB of RAM... strap an r9 280x or r9 290 and you are golden for 1080p for the next 2 years !