AMD FX-6300 or 8350? Is it worth the extra money?

Hey guys, I am building an AMD Gaming PC. I'm pairing this up with an Asus MOBO with a GTX 660, I was planning on a FX-6300 but a lot of people are telling me to spend the extra cash for the 8350. Is it worth it? I am strictly gaming, with maybe some messing around in Adobe After Effects, but other than that, gaming.

For what my two cents is worth, I would buy the FX-6300 now as it is more than capable in most gaming situations. I have been using my mildly overclocked one for a month or so now and I've been very happy with it. Not many things I can't max out with it and my GTX560Ti and still get very nice frame rates (often v-sync).

Here's the thing, because Steamroller will use the same socket, just wait until the biggest best Steamroller hits the shelves and replace the FX-6300 then. That's what I plan to do. That way you get the best of performance and value now, and then the best future proofing value as the socket generation comes to a close.

I say just go for a little more money and get the 8350. It's just plain badass and it is future proof for upcoming games that will utilize 8 cores.

For a 660, you aren't likely to see much of a difference between the 6300 and the 8350, I don't imagine. Better is better though. If you can afford it, why not?

Personally I would save the coin and go for the 6300. For what you are using it for it will more than do the job. I had a system with a 6300 and it worked great.

steam roller AMD chips are comeing at the end of the year i personally am waiting for those 

A FX6300 is a very capable chip (and overclocks like crazy ive seen 5ghz overclocks in forums)

Or sometimes the FX8320 is on sale its the same price as the FX6300 (if you can find it on sale snap that up!)

Alright, thanks guys I really appreciate it.

good point

because some games will take advantage of all 8 cores, and the games that do will see a performance increase, however 99% of games will do fine with a 6300