AMD FX 6300 OC With Hyper EVO 212

I'm looking to buy a Hyper EVO 212 to OC my AMD FX 6300 but I'm not sure if the Hyper EVO 212 will fit in my case (Antec VSK-4000E) and be compatible with my ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 . 

The Hyper 212 EVO is compatible with your motherboard as its an AM3 motherboard but from googling it seems it wont fit in your case. so you will need to look for a shorter cooler. do you have a bugdet?


Is the cooler to long or to big so it would cover my dimm slots? Also i would only have £30 to spend so would i get a good cpu fan for that price that would fit in my case ?


well do you have high or low profile ram. if you have low profile ram most cooler will fit but some high profile ram wont work with certain coolers. I will see what I can find. any preffered retailers?

my ram is low profile and preferably CoolerMaster or Noctua or another company with good reputaion and its got to be quiet . Any help is great

okey I will see what I can find and seeing that you have low profile ram you shouldnt be worried about the fan covering you dimm slots, but you might have to take out the fan if you are installing new Ram with certaing coolers.

are there any e-store you prefer, like amazon or whatever? give me a link to their homepage and ill see what I can find




You could take a look at the Cooler Master Hyper TX3 Evo, it should fit in your case.

is there any other around that price or is it the best?

It was a suggestion but I can see if I can find a better one for that price yes.

it would be much appreciated if u do , :)

Have you heard about the Noctua NH-L9a ? It's low profile and doesn't look bad

No but after checking it out it seems you wont be able to oc much with it on the FX6300. but you said you had £30 pounds to spend?


Ok , Thanks for the tips , I guess i'll think about getting the TX3 cooler 

there are alot of different coolers. so what to get might be difficult, the TX3 seems to be the best I have found as its only slightly hotter than the Hyper 212 but only by a couple of degrees and it fits in your case. 

if you can afford it the Noctua NH-L12 seems to be good. but only if you can use both fans 

Would i be able to achieve 4.2ghz with the Hyper EVO TX3 also I'm planning to get a Noctua NF-F12 exhaust fan at the rear of case so then I could blow air from the Cpu Cooler to the Noctua exhaust fan, Do you think thats a good idea? 

well do you have an exhaust fan already? if not then yes. if you do it would probably be better to spend that money on the cooler. and do you have top exhaust fans? 

My case doesn't support top exhaust fans , I was thinking to get an Exhaust fan at the back to exhaust the heat from CPU then a Exhaust or maybe Intake fan (My room is cold) to blow onto GPU so i can OC that, If you look at my case theres room for a fan at the front , Also the case fan i have is loud so I would prefer a Noctua fan

okey. I just replaced all my case fans and cooler from stock fans and cooler too 2 NF-F12's and 2 NF-A14's and a cooler master seidon 120v, I have a full tower case. but its kinda funny as my old fans where loud these also make noise but is because of the air, they are moving. my case also doesnt have and noise dampening. so replacing your stock fans so you have one intake and one exhaust fan is a good idea. but what is you bugdet for the cooler can you go over £30?